Added EXIF description

Yes!!! Another achievement, I just googled my requirement to add description into exif information of image and got plenty of open source which can do the job.

After carefully investigating various open-sources, selected one which is "PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit Version 1.11". This one is best and after very little modification now I can write "Description", "Copyright" and other important details directly to the EXIF. Means I can maintain my photographic portfolio without any database behind and pull information directly from Image for Simpleviewer.

Also while exploring metadata I found that there is thumbnail image already embedded into the image itself, this was a new thing to me. Now my Simpleviewer is showing images from real thumbnails generated from EXIF of images.

I need to create another script which can populate thumbnail and provide an interface to write description… I donÒ€ℒt need any help this time… πŸ˜›

Added RSS feed to simpleviewer

That was a kind of achievement, which has given me immense pleasure at the end.

Thought of reorganizing my photographs, which was very simple. Just selected few best snaps and categorize those in different folder and named those folders as photographic category like portrait, landscape, avian etc.  

I have written a PHP script which can populate XML for simpleviewer. This script will dig folders and create different XML files for each folder. As by the original code, simpleviewer do not support categories, so have added a drop down which will pull different XML and re-draw the flash applet of simpleviewer with new XML every time when drop-down values changes. The dropdown text are nothing but name of simpleviewer XML files, while values are name of xml file. Cool … isn’t it?

Now simpleviewer do not have RSS feed either and I need it, so that once I upload a new photograph, everyone can see that. This was bit tricky … to achieve this It was required to traverse every folder, read exif (so that I can populate description), sort these photographs by date in descending order and then populate RSS in XML format, and ya we need a limit of 10 images only … last 10. To achieve this I have mix simpleviewer script with RSS script. The end result so beautiful and looks good at my outlook when I pulled it in πŸ™‚ .

Now in my ToDo list I want to create a page, from where I can write various descriptions of photographs. That means I want a PHP script using which I can write Title, Subject, Keywords and Comments directly in EXIF information of photographs. Hmmm … any help will be much appreciated …

You can visit my customized simpleviewer for categories and RSS feed at and pull the RSS to your outlook, Google or Yahoo …

What a satisfaction …


Ok… let me start this way… answer me that what is the name of your grandpa?… very well… you know him because he has played with you, told you beautiful tails which you can never forget in your life, you know him personally and know almost everything about his life, like what he did for the family and how he did it. Now try to recall name of your grandpa’s dad… 90% of you can not tell and those who can tell don’t know much about his life. Almost 100% will fail in every details of his or her grandpa’s grandpa until unless; he was a man whom most of people in society know. Trust me, 50 years after you; no one will bother who were you and what you did. You will be gone forever without leaving a trace that you ever existed and lived a life or you did something special.

How weird these relations are, how weird human life is and how weird the human society is… Is there anyway we can live after this life? … Of course we can and to achieve this we need to be uncommon human being. Invent something, write something or do something special, something different, which is price to be remembered and costly enough to bear by most of us.

There is an advantage of not being remembered, we can live our life as we want and do whatever want to, because 50 years after us and we will be …. πŸ™‚

Moral, ethics, society, culture, tradition or just human values; what will happen to all of these if we follow concept of "50 years", as we are not going to bother about these anymore… ????