It’s always painful to see loved once in trouble, especially when we can not do anything for them. Unfortunately what we can do is just getting worried for them. It’s becomes even more agonizing when they are not ready to accept any help.

The main problem of growing and keep on growing is that sometimes we have to go away from our near and dears once and it’s really distressing to see them struggling at the same place where you left them.

I am facing a very similar scenario right now and I can not say "Don’t worry, I am with you" and "Just let me know if you need any help from me". Its really chocking me sometime, I want to cry but can’t!!! I only can pray for them, which I will do.

Whatever I have seen and understood about life in this young age is "Some times it is painful and some times it’s less". It’s once own battle, which he or she has to fight in his own way and find the most correct way to overcome the problem. Helping them out is not always a right solution. This is how we learn and grow.

OK enough of troubles for you, let’s go back to events of the week.

Collected my medical check-up report on Wednesday, as expected all is well and my lungs are OK and I am HIV negative… cheers.

Playback button of my camera was troubling me since long, it was getting stuck some times, decided to take it to the service center on same day, that is Wednesday. It’s still under warranty. They did the fixing for me and informed me via SMS that it’s ready for collection. I collected today and while returning back, I noticed that another button stops working after their fix, hmmm…. returned back again to the service center and this time they did it for me in just 10 minutes. It seems ok now, hoping it will work fine.

It’s almost mid night, I have to go to bed now, so that I can wake up early and make my weekend long. This is what I normally do, unlike my friends who are sleeping until late morning and complains that weekend passed very fast. Waking up early also solves my purpose of living the day rather than just spending it. 🙂

Have a good weekend ahead…