Happy Independence Day

“Vande Matram”

It was very same day when India got it’s independence from British rule 62 years back. Millions of selfless scarification and years of struggle, many died keeping a dream of free India in theirs eyes and other lived to see the day. My salutes to Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel, Chandrashekhar Azad and many other known and unknown freedom fighters for giving us a free nation, which we called our Mother Nation, Bharat or India today. We must remember that we are not abusing the freedom which we have got after such a tough battle.

They left India with nothing before leaving and parted into three, a typical example of their “Divide and conquer” policy, expecting some day they can win it again. I can never justify that how one nation or person can rule another. That was not just rule but also discrimination of Indians within their own country. I heard from my grandfather that there was a note in Civil Lines area of Allahabad during British Raj mentioning “Indians and dogs are not allowed”, can you believe this? I am sure someday we will be having a world without any discrimination.

My thanks to those capable leader and hardworking people, who are taking country ahead and in right direction. With this pace I am sure we will be able to overcome little problems very soon.

My best wishes…