Tioman Aftermath

We were back in Singapore on 10 August. Due to the injuries I have taken leave on 11 and decided to see the doctor, if all well. I haven’t seen that a single time after plastering it. The plaster on the cuts which was placed on day was there till our return. I have removed that on 10 th night to let it gets dry and heal fast. I was not wrong doctors also suggested me same and given some antiseptic lotion and an antibiotic powder to apply 2-3 times daily. Thanks God there was not any fracture; I was feared because of little swelling around the wound. Doctor recommended me take 2 days of leaves and stay at home.

Typing still hurts on wound at wrist, though there it’s healing faster than that one of elbow.

Checked postal mail box on 12 and got my PR approval letter, went for medical checkup today and fixed appointment to submit document early morning on 1 September. I felt good when I saw that my chest was clear after x-ray 🙂 , it immediately gets displayed on the screen after scan, though will be curious till final report from the doctor. For HIV I am quite sure that I don’t have any 😛 .