Tioman Trip Day 3

Posting for 10 August 2009

While taking dinner of day 2, resort staff asked about our ferry timing to return, it was 12:30 PM. They told us that we have to take our breakfast between 8-10 else we will not be able to get any 😛 , also we have to checkout at 12:00.

We were on time for breakfast. Toast (Roti), butter, tea, coffee, egg, noodles and few more things were available at buffet, we had some heavy breakfast, knowing the fact there will not be any lunch 😉 .

Rishi planned to take another trip to waterfall and explore the track. There is a track just behind the Tioman Paya resort and I don’t know where it takes. While exploring the track we realized that it will be late for ferry if we keep on going in, so returned. That small little fall wasn’t having much water, but was photogenic. You can see few of photographs of that in my Tioman Album.

Anshu was almost done with packing when we returned back; she was staying at chalet with kids and did not go with us for tracking. She informed me that we need a hot water bottle for the return journey. Hot water is needed for kids’ milk. The lady at reception was very kind and given us a hot water bottle in just 10 RM. Here I must mention that she was always very helping and well behaved towards us during our trip, though we were very specific and rigid with our requirements in foods, but she never gets angry or shown any sign of disturbance on her face. Actually the entire staff of Tioman Paya Resort was very helping; chalets were also very comfortable, I don’t know why people don’t like that resort? It’s my personal opinion about the resort, may be I am not habitual of luxuries. The only drawback of Tioman Paya Resort is that it’s away from jetty and carrying your luggage to the resort is tough job. There are some help available at jetty but we were not aware.

We checked-out at sharp 12 and did some shopping within the resort it self, just few souvenirs for memories. Anshu was ready after taking travel sickness tablet, which I bought in day 2. It’s also available within the resort itself. I bought it before our snorkeling trip as Anshu reported that she is again feeling uneasiness.

The lady at reception told us to put all our belongings to a push-cart and a staff will take that to the jetty. Things becomes easier for us 🙂 . I was bit embarrassed watching Rishi dragging my bag while coming in, though I was also packed and was looking like a solder going to battle field 😀 .

The ferry arrived at 1:30 and we boarded in hassle and at the end. All seats were already occupied. Ferry staff arranged a seat for each of us quickly.

The bus was ready at Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal and we occupied the first rows of both sides. Checked with our bus assistance if they will be stopping the some where in between Tanjung Gemok and Johor Bahru, his answer was "NO", but they have stopped the bus at the same place as they did for our "To" journey on public demand. We have got a chance to filled our stomach and stretch our legs. If we are travelling with kids then we must need a break else they will start creating trouble 😀 . Thankfully both Aashi and Ishu were silent most of time during the bus and ferry trip. Anshu loved the toast which I prepared for her, may be because she was hungry … LOL !!!

There was long jam before Johor Bahru checkpoint (I guess it was more than 5 KM long). When we entered into Singapore it was about to be 10 PM. The bus dropped us at Kranji MRT and we took MRT all they way back to Khatib.