Tioman Trip Day 2

Posting for 9 August 2009

I took a painkiller immediately after breakfast, which was very effective and I manage to enjoy rest of day, though blood was coming out sometimes from the cut.

We have started at 9:30 in morning for trip, this trip was not just a snorkeling trip but they have taken us to 3 places. First was duty free shopping at Tekek village and second and third was snorkeling at Batang and Renggis Island. I have rented only one mask for Anshu, was not at all thinking to do the snorkeling. There were 3 boats, all filled with tourist of the same resort.

There was nothing much of my interest in duty free shop, bought few chocolates, toys for kids and cold drink. Those thinking of brining duty free cigarettes and liquor to Singapore, forget about this, you can not do this until you pay duty fees πŸ™‚ .

It was hot and humid day, do not get confused with hills and clouds in photographs, Tioman is not at all a cold place.

Partly because of heat and humidity and partly because my pain was almost gone, I decided to try snorkeling. It was crowded in the snorkeling area and kids were getting agitated because of that, so Anshu was taking care of them most of the time while I was enjoying snorkeling πŸ˜€ . I was avoiding bending my elbows, which could cause opening of wounds and bleeding, and so was swimming on back. Both Rishi and I were enjoying, while Rashmi was standing in water up to her knees with life jacket on. She informed me that she feared entering into water.

Water in snorkeling area was clean and transparent and we were able to see fishes very clearly, I tried to catch those couple of times but could not they were far smarter than me.

Swimming around Renggis Island was same as swimming in Batang, the only difference was the water current, it was pushing all of us towards shore, and we had some tough time while returning to boat.

We returned back around 4 PM from this trip and spent rest of our time in beaches taking photographs. Beaches of Tioman are very photogenic, mainly because island orientation is north-south, so sun comes out over hills and sunset happens over the open sea. If you are lucky and sky is clear then you can capture very beautiful photographs of sunset over the sea, I was not 😦 .

Took another painkiller after dinner and manage to sleep peacefully in second night.