Tioman Trip Day 1

Posting for 8 August 2009

Here am I, back from Tioman after 3 days of off and with cuts in elbow and wrist and now enjoying 2 days of medical leaves as suggested by doctor. Will talk about wounds later; let me start with beginning first. πŸ™‚

If you are travelling with young kids then you always need some spare time before you start. We were packing till 1 A.M. and wake up as early as 3 again to do final preparations and get kids dressed up. So, we slept only 2 hours. Cab was already booked for 5 AM and the bus was to depart at 6:30 A.M. The bus has taken all of us to Tanjung Gemok (few travel agencies takes to Mersing); Tanjung Gemok is another ferry terminal from where we can get ferry to Tioman. Total time taken in this bus journey was approximately 6 hours including half an hour break for and time taken in immigration check at both Singapore and Malaysia. Note that we were travelling in holidays, so the movement between Singapore and Malaysia was at the peak and there was a long queue of buses and cars at Woodlands checkpoint. I wish if we can have single immigration check or at least both in a same building so that we don’t need to repeat the same process again and finish it very quickly, just mentioning officers at both ends are very smart and fast.

During this bus journey Anshu feel sick, though she never shown any kind of travel sickness before, it was just this time when this happens. She has vomited couple of time and then all went fine, as there was nothing to come out and feel anything in stomach … πŸ˜€ . LOL !!!

From Tanjung Gamok it was around 1 hour 20 minutes journey to jetty of Tioman Paya Resort. This jetty is the second from southern tip of Tioman, but our ferry stops directly at this, may be because there was no one for first. Dragging our luggage to resort was tough job, especially on the wooden bridge with uneven surface and gaps between wood peaces. It was around 2 PM when we reached at resort. Chalets were free for us and we immediately got check-in. After a brief description of breakfast, lunch and dinner arrangement with staff we placed our luggage in and moved out for a walk.

There is small fall behind the resort and tracking passage to deep inside forest. It was not a good idea to track this late and with kids, so we took few photographs of fall and returned back from there. Being tired Anshu decided to stay at resort, while Rishi, Rashmi and me decided to walk further on the beaches.

We were walking towards north from the resort and along the beach. Beaches of Tioman remains filled during day while in evening and night becomes clear and starts showing rocks. There are few very slippery, which turns nasty to me. While taking photograph of clean and green water I slipped, I was holding camera from right hand so placed my left hand first on the rock, initially I thought its just normal pain until I saw my hand below elbow becomes red and blood dropping from nails coloring the yellow sand. There were 2 cuts, one right at the elbow joints and another at wrist, both on left hand. I was carrying few tissues. Rashmi and another Chinese lady helped me cleaning my wounds. I coved that with tissues and started back to the resort. It was painful and I was aware that night will be even more painful. I returned back calmly in the chalets and saw Anshu was half sleeping, "Thanks God she is not awaking", I thought in my mind, else I have to face a list of questions. I removed my clothes. My pajama got some patches of blood. But bleeding was stopped by the time I returned. I took bath and hide the clothes from her and moved out to the reception seeking any medical help, I am still not sure if they have any doctors or clinic available in Tioman. Wound at wrist was minor, but one at elbow was opened like mouth. Got some plaster at reception and placed it at the wounds covering it entirely. Informed Anshu that it’s a minor cut and I am fine. Anshu was carrying few medicines but the pain was bearable till that time.

I slept in pain and saw patches of blood on the white bed sheet in the morning, pain was unbearable now and my hands stopped moving upwards…

More in the day 2 entry, but you can still see photographs in my Tioman Album πŸ™‚ .