I know many of you are eagerly waiting for a post from me and here am I "The Weekend Blogger" … LOL …

Unlike in my last post where I mentioned about problem faced by my near and dear once, this is my time to face the heat. Yes!!! You just think of any distant related thing around you… whatever … family, kids, jobs, relatives or friends… and I have something troubling me … but still there are few things moving positively. Well, this is how the life is, something happening positive and some negative, some good news and few bad news, someone makes you smile and some makes you cry, though it’s not that bad to be concerned or alarm. 


It’s always painful to see loved once in trouble, especially when we can not do anything for them. Unfortunately what we can do is just getting worried for them. It’s becomes even more agonizing when they are not ready to accept any help.

The main problem of growing and keep on growing is that sometimes we have to go away from our near and dears once and it’s really distressing to see them struggling at the same place where you left them.

I am facing a very similar scenario right now and I can not say "Don’t worry, I am with you" and "Just let me know if you need any help from me". Its really chocking me sometime, I want to cry but can’t!!! I only can pray for them, which I will do.

Whatever I have seen and understood about life in this young age is "Some times it is painful and some times it’s less". It’s once own battle, which he or she has to fight in his own way and find the most correct way to overcome the problem. Helping them out is not always a right solution. This is how we learn and grow.

OK enough of troubles for you, let’s go back to events of the week.

Collected my medical check-up report on Wednesday, as expected all is well and my lungs are OK and I am HIV negative… cheers.

Playback button of my camera was troubling me since long, it was getting stuck some times, decided to take it to the service center on same day, that is Wednesday. It’s still under warranty. They did the fixing for me and informed me via SMS that it’s ready for collection. I collected today and while returning back, I noticed that another button stops working after their fix, hmmm…. returned back again to the service center and this time they did it for me in just 10 minutes. It seems ok now, hoping it will work fine.

It’s almost mid night, I have to go to bed now, so that I can wake up early and make my weekend long. This is what I normally do, unlike my friends who are sleeping until late morning and complains that weekend passed very fast. Waking up early also solves my purpose of living the day rather than just spending it. 🙂

Have a good weekend ahead…

Happy Independence Day

“Vande Matram”

It was very same day when India got it’s independence from British rule 62 years back. Millions of selfless scarification and years of struggle, many died keeping a dream of free India in theirs eyes and other lived to see the day. My salutes to Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel, Chandrashekhar Azad and many other known and unknown freedom fighters for giving us a free nation, which we called our Mother Nation, Bharat or India today. We must remember that we are not abusing the freedom which we have got after such a tough battle.

They left India with nothing before leaving and parted into three, a typical example of their “Divide and conquer” policy, expecting some day they can win it again. I can never justify that how one nation or person can rule another. That was not just rule but also discrimination of Indians within their own country. I heard from my grandfather that there was a note in Civil Lines area of Allahabad during British Raj mentioning “Indians and dogs are not allowed”, can you believe this? I am sure someday we will be having a world without any discrimination.

My thanks to those capable leader and hardworking people, who are taking country ahead and in right direction. With this pace I am sure we will be able to overcome little problems very soon.

My best wishes…

Tioman Aftermath

We were back in Singapore on 10 August. Due to the injuries I have taken leave on 11 and decided to see the doctor, if all well. I haven’t seen that a single time after plastering it. The plaster on the cuts which was placed on day was there till our return. I have removed that on 10 th night to let it gets dry and heal fast. I was not wrong doctors also suggested me same and given some antiseptic lotion and an antibiotic powder to apply 2-3 times daily. Thanks God there was not any fracture; I was feared because of little swelling around the wound. Doctor recommended me take 2 days of leaves and stay at home.

Typing still hurts on wound at wrist, though there it’s healing faster than that one of elbow.

Checked postal mail box on 12 and got my PR approval letter, went for medical checkup today and fixed appointment to submit document early morning on 1 September. I felt good when I saw that my chest was clear after x-ray 🙂 , it immediately gets displayed on the screen after scan, though will be curious till final report from the doctor. For HIV I am quite sure that I don’t have any 😛 .     

Tioman Trip Day 3

Posting for 10 August 2009

While taking dinner of day 2, resort staff asked about our ferry timing to return, it was 12:30 PM. They told us that we have to take our breakfast between 8-10 else we will not be able to get any 😛 , also we have to checkout at 12:00.

We were on time for breakfast. Toast (Roti), butter, tea, coffee, egg, noodles and few more things were available at buffet, we had some heavy breakfast, knowing the fact there will not be any lunch 😉 .

Rishi planned to take another trip to waterfall and explore the track. There is a track just behind the Tioman Paya resort and I don’t know where it takes. While exploring the track we realized that it will be late for ferry if we keep on going in, so returned. That small little fall wasn’t having much water, but was photogenic. You can see few of photographs of that in my Tioman Album.

Anshu was almost done with packing when we returned back; she was staying at chalet with kids and did not go with us for tracking. She informed me that we need a hot water bottle for the return journey. Hot water is needed for kids’ milk. The lady at reception was very kind and given us a hot water bottle in just 10 RM. Here I must mention that she was always very helping and well behaved towards us during our trip, though we were very specific and rigid with our requirements in foods, but she never gets angry or shown any sign of disturbance on her face. Actually the entire staff of Tioman Paya Resort was very helping; chalets were also very comfortable, I don’t know why people don’t like that resort? It’s my personal opinion about the resort, may be I am not habitual of luxuries. The only drawback of Tioman Paya Resort is that it’s away from jetty and carrying your luggage to the resort is tough job. There are some help available at jetty but we were not aware.

We checked-out at sharp 12 and did some shopping within the resort it self, just few souvenirs for memories. Anshu was ready after taking travel sickness tablet, which I bought in day 2. It’s also available within the resort itself. I bought it before our snorkeling trip as Anshu reported that she is again feeling uneasiness.

The lady at reception told us to put all our belongings to a push-cart and a staff will take that to the jetty. Things becomes easier for us 🙂 . I was bit embarrassed watching Rishi dragging my bag while coming in, though I was also packed and was looking like a solder going to battle field 😀 .

The ferry arrived at 1:30 and we boarded in hassle and at the end. All seats were already occupied. Ferry staff arranged a seat for each of us quickly.

The bus was ready at Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal and we occupied the first rows of both sides. Checked with our bus assistance if they will be stopping the some where in between Tanjung Gemok and Johor Bahru, his answer was "NO", but they have stopped the bus at the same place as they did for our "To" journey on public demand. We have got a chance to filled our stomach and stretch our legs. If we are travelling with kids then we must need a break else they will start creating trouble 😀 . Thankfully both Aashi and Ishu were silent most of time during the bus and ferry trip. Anshu loved the toast which I prepared for her, may be because she was hungry … LOL !!!

There was long jam before Johor Bahru checkpoint (I guess it was more than 5 KM long). When we entered into Singapore it was about to be 10 PM. The bus dropped us at Kranji MRT and we took MRT all they way back to Khatib. 

Tioman Trip Day 2

Posting for 9 August 2009

I took a painkiller immediately after breakfast, which was very effective and I manage to enjoy rest of day, though blood was coming out sometimes from the cut.

We have started at 9:30 in morning for trip, this trip was not just a snorkeling trip but they have taken us to 3 places. First was duty free shopping at Tekek village and second and third was snorkeling at Batang and Renggis Island. I have rented only one mask for Anshu, was not at all thinking to do the snorkeling. There were 3 boats, all filled with tourist of the same resort.

There was nothing much of my interest in duty free shop, bought few chocolates, toys for kids and cold drink. Those thinking of brining duty free cigarettes and liquor to Singapore, forget about this, you can not do this until you pay duty fees 🙂 .

It was hot and humid day, do not get confused with hills and clouds in photographs, Tioman is not at all a cold place.

Partly because of heat and humidity and partly because my pain was almost gone, I decided to try snorkeling. It was crowded in the snorkeling area and kids were getting agitated because of that, so Anshu was taking care of them most of the time while I was enjoying snorkeling 😀 . I was avoiding bending my elbows, which could cause opening of wounds and bleeding, and so was swimming on back. Both Rishi and I were enjoying, while Rashmi was standing in water up to her knees with life jacket on. She informed me that she feared entering into water.

Water in snorkeling area was clean and transparent and we were able to see fishes very clearly, I tried to catch those couple of times but could not they were far smarter than me.

Swimming around Renggis Island was same as swimming in Batang, the only difference was the water current, it was pushing all of us towards shore, and we had some tough time while returning to boat.

We returned back around 4 PM from this trip and spent rest of our time in beaches taking photographs. Beaches of Tioman are very photogenic, mainly because island orientation is north-south, so sun comes out over hills and sunset happens over the open sea. If you are lucky and sky is clear then you can capture very beautiful photographs of sunset over the sea, I was not 😦 .

Took another painkiller after dinner and manage to sleep peacefully in second night.

Tioman Trip Day 1

Posting for 8 August 2009

Here am I, back from Tioman after 3 days of off and with cuts in elbow and wrist and now enjoying 2 days of medical leaves as suggested by doctor. Will talk about wounds later; let me start with beginning first. 🙂

If you are travelling with young kids then you always need some spare time before you start. We were packing till 1 A.M. and wake up as early as 3 again to do final preparations and get kids dressed up. So, we slept only 2 hours. Cab was already booked for 5 AM and the bus was to depart at 6:30 A.M. The bus has taken all of us to Tanjung Gemok (few travel agencies takes to Mersing); Tanjung Gemok is another ferry terminal from where we can get ferry to Tioman. Total time taken in this bus journey was approximately 6 hours including half an hour break for and time taken in immigration check at both Singapore and Malaysia. Note that we were travelling in holidays, so the movement between Singapore and Malaysia was at the peak and there was a long queue of buses and cars at Woodlands checkpoint. I wish if we can have single immigration check or at least both in a same building so that we don’t need to repeat the same process again and finish it very quickly, just mentioning officers at both ends are very smart and fast.

During this bus journey Anshu feel sick, though she never shown any kind of travel sickness before, it was just this time when this happens. She has vomited couple of time and then all went fine, as there was nothing to come out and feel anything in stomach … 😀 . LOL !!!

From Tanjung Gamok it was around 1 hour 20 minutes journey to jetty of Tioman Paya Resort. This jetty is the second from southern tip of Tioman, but our ferry stops directly at this, may be because there was no one for first. Dragging our luggage to resort was tough job, especially on the wooden bridge with uneven surface and gaps between wood peaces. It was around 2 PM when we reached at resort. Chalets were free for us and we immediately got check-in. After a brief description of breakfast, lunch and dinner arrangement with staff we placed our luggage in and moved out for a walk.

There is small fall behind the resort and tracking passage to deep inside forest. It was not a good idea to track this late and with kids, so we took few photographs of fall and returned back from there. Being tired Anshu decided to stay at resort, while Rishi, Rashmi and me decided to walk further on the beaches.

We were walking towards north from the resort and along the beach. Beaches of Tioman remains filled during day while in evening and night becomes clear and starts showing rocks. There are few very slippery, which turns nasty to me. While taking photograph of clean and green water I slipped, I was holding camera from right hand so placed my left hand first on the rock, initially I thought its just normal pain until I saw my hand below elbow becomes red and blood dropping from nails coloring the yellow sand. There were 2 cuts, one right at the elbow joints and another at wrist, both on left hand. I was carrying few tissues. Rashmi and another Chinese lady helped me cleaning my wounds. I coved that with tissues and started back to the resort. It was painful and I was aware that night will be even more painful. I returned back calmly in the chalets and saw Anshu was half sleeping, "Thanks God she is not awaking", I thought in my mind, else I have to face a list of questions. I removed my clothes. My pajama got some patches of blood. But bleeding was stopped by the time I returned. I took bath and hide the clothes from her and moved out to the reception seeking any medical help, I am still not sure if they have any doctors or clinic available in Tioman. Wound at wrist was minor, but one at elbow was opened like mouth. Got some plaster at reception and placed it at the wounds covering it entirely. Informed Anshu that it’s a minor cut and I am fine. Anshu was carrying few medicines but the pain was bearable till that time.

I slept in pain and saw patches of blood on the white bed sheet in the morning, pain was unbearable now and my hands stopped moving upwards…

More in the day 2 entry, but you can still see photographs in my Tioman Album 🙂 .

Raksha Bhandan

Today is Raksha Bhandan (Rakhi in short) and without any exception, received Rakhi from Gudiya 2 days before. As soon as she became aware of importance of this festival, she is tiding Rakhi or sending via mail without fail.

For those who don’t know about this festival let me brief, it’s a yearly festival of brothers and sisters, where sisters ties a small thread of cotton or silk (known as Rakhi) to the right wrist of brothers and feed brothers with some sweets, on the other hand brothers takes oath that they will protect her and be with her whenever needed, also brothers has to touch her feet to show respect towards her (whether she is younger or elder) and offer some gift. Just to add it has a very long history, it’s a kind of ancient version of friendship bands 🙂 .

There are few other sisters who could not make it this time, may be because they are not as techie as Gudiya. She being in IT exchanges mails and does chat with me often and remains most updated about me than others, though others called in the morning and given their best wishes. Being far away from them I miss them and often talk about them with Anshu same as they do. I am quite sure and I wish that at least Gudiya continue sending me Rakhi every year.

Actual time to tie the Rakhi was in evening, me being unaware did this in the morning itself, but I guess no one will mind it 🙂

Teela Moonga

I have heard tales of 2 sisters from my grandparents, sisters were named as Teela and Moonga. Tales went fade from memory with time, but what I remembered that there was very deep love in between them and they can not live without each other. Fortunately I have 2 daughters and seeing Teela and Moonga in them. Not sure how much love will be there in between them when they grow up, but right now they are very close.

Dad called me this morning and asked me if I can send latest photographs of two. Here are few which I took after his call and sent to him. Posting for you also 🙂