My 3 years in Singapore

I have completed my 3 years in Singapore on 27-July. It was the same day 3 years back, when I landed at Changi International Airport with total of 9.5 KG of baggage and S$ 500 cash; which was provided by the company for travel / food expanses. What the first thing I loved was broader roads and footpaths with a safe distance from road. I still like it 🙂 , though the list is very long now. 

Unfortunately, I have had some bad experience with food, not because of poisoning, but me being allergic to sea foods. It was our third day in Singapore and we were having nothing in kitchen. The company arranged the guest house after our arrival and we have to gather everything from beginning. We decided to go out for dinner in our first night in guest house; this was my first experience with sea foods. I never tasted any sea-food before and was mostly vegetarian in my past life. Seafood results into stomach cramp, loose motion and vomiting. Next day I have taken a leave and went to see doctor. Though "The Dot at back" works and stopped my loose motion and vomiting, but nausea was there for few days.  We decided to setup our kitchen first before doing anything else and spent most of our cash advance from the company to collect every possible thing from Mustafa.

With the time, I slowly adapted to the food and now I can eat most of food available here. Singapore; being very rich in food I still need few years to taste all possible which I haven’t tasted yet 🙂 .

These 3 years were very calm and I would like to remember these days for rest of my life. I would also like to remember tidy surroundings and this entire city-state as a very big garden.

Before I end this log, I would like to update you on my next trip to Allahabad, which is scheduled for dates between 6 and 22 November. I have to attend a "Tilak" and Marriage between my cousin (Maternal) and my sis-in-law (YES! you got it right 😉 ), dates are 15 and 19 respectively. I hope, I will be able to visit my uncle (Mama Ji) this time and with my family which is overdue since long.

More later…