The most unplanned day

Yes it was! Except evening, nothing went as I thought, we are suppose to leave for Mac Ritchie reservoir at 1, but could not make it at all, yes we missed and this was mostly due to my fault, in the morning Sunil Informed me that he has to go to Dhoby Ghaut to collect his health certificate, I thought to utilize this opportunity and check if I can get remote control of my camera, this was a wrong decision. Though we manage to return at 1 but Sunil was hungry for lunch and Anshu asked for some time to prepare for kids, which result into delay. Both Rishi and Rashmi went fed up and dropped the idea of going, so we didn’t left with any option but to drop also. 😦

During the process of preparing for outing, I got call from my office about a glitch in the application which I have installed on Friday evening; I decided to check and moved out with camera and tripod to work. It was not a major problem and I mange to fix it with no time. I found Win Naing in office, he is also a photographer and the person suggested me to shoot NDP fireworks rehearsals. I asked if he can join, thankfully he did and with another colleague. I was missing the remote control of my camera, which I could not buy in the morning, but I was unable to do any thing at that time. Life is not all perfect, so why to bother about just a remote trigger, I decided to see how it goes as no one is going to blame for wrong shot until it free for all 😀 …

We reached just on time, it was my first experience with firework shoot, but I have already done some discussion with Keith and Max and also read some online help on how to shoot fireworks. It was crowded over the bridge, but we manage to find a place to set our tripods. I was not aware that where are they going to fire the fireworks? Also it was going to be for just few minutes, so was bit worried that whether I will be able to capture that or not? Whether my setting are correct or not? And whether my focus is in correct direction or not?

I missed couple of fireworks in beginning as I was focusing on wrong direction, and few others went kaput due to motion blur. Here is one among the worst I mange to get for you… enjoy 🙂

"NDP fireworks rehearsals"