Sharad is one of my very old friends and a doctor. I called him yesterday; he is awaiting his trip to Singapore and Malaysia and in process of getting Visa for the same. He complains that I am not writing much rather I am posting more photographs, while other readers liked photographs and didn’t complained about not writing much. Well, I think I should write bit more about happenings and post few pictures also. This way I will be able to make happy both types of my readers, few who love to read and few who like photographs. As my personal incline is towards photographs, so I am posting more of photos these days. Hope I will be able to make happy both types of my audience afterward.

Returned back early yesterday, I was tired. From past few days I am thinking and reading about H1N1 spread. I am personally very careful it checking my temperatures regularly, I hope you all must be doing same, please don’t forget to wash your hand or bath after each visit out side, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, see the doctor if you are feeling unwell.  

As most of readers knows that Sharad is my best friend, I was thinking why he my best friend and what makes him a different friend that others. Let me brief you about him first. We know each other since 1992, when we joined a coaching together. He was preparing for medicals and staying in the same area as my house is. As he was much dedicated towards medical he got it while I was more focused on B.Sc. and then joined MCA and moved towards IT, so we don’t have any professional rivalry between us 😉 . This is one of most important factor which makes this friendship special. We both are of same kind, we use to make fun of each other and no one takes it seriously, we always stood behind each other in tough times. But most important one is that "there is no ego between us", we know that we can tell whatever bitter truth to other and other will think about this before reacting on it. I hope those reading this will accept that there must not be an sense of self in friendship, and each must be honest in their opinion and other must listen and with open mind.

Trust me he is one of few persons in front of which I can laugh freely and share secretes without any fear. I am also sure same he does with me.

I wish you all get at least one friend like him 🙂 .