AYG Football Final

The event happened on Monday, I was there not to watch match but to test my 1000D and my skill, It was a test to its limit – low light, fast moving objects, full zoom of 75-300, high ISO, big aperture (the biggest it can go at 300mm is F5.6, which is not big enough), continuous mode and AI Servo mode.

I realized that the camera is not meant for the purpose of which I was using it, after 2 shots (a gap of 1 second) it stops for some time (may be to clear it buffer) before taking third one. F5.6 was not big enough to eat required light. I felt pity when I saw a guy sitting next to me with 1D mark II shooting like anything. I have full faith in myself and believe that the person sitting behind camera is more important than the camera itself. I need to learn more …

Here are few, the first one was taken with my new 50mm F1.8, rest with 75-300mm F4~5.6 –

First goal by North Korea

Second goal by North Korea

A Korean Fan