My 3 years in Singapore

I have completed my 3 years in Singapore on 27-July. It was the same day 3 years back, when I landed at Changi International Airport with total of 9.5 KG of baggage and S$ 500 cash; which was provided by the company for travel / food expanses. What the first thing I loved was broader roads and footpaths with a safe distance from road. I still like it πŸ™‚ , though the list is very long now. 

Unfortunately, I have had some bad experience with food, not because of poisoning, but me being allergic to sea foods. It was our third day in Singapore and we were having nothing in kitchen. The company arranged the guest house after our arrival and we have to gather everything from beginning. We decided to go out for dinner in our first night in guest house; this was my first experience with sea foods. I never tasted any sea-food before and was mostly vegetarian in my past life. Seafood results into stomach cramp, loose motion and vomiting. Next day I have taken a leave and went to see doctor. Though "The Dot at back" works and stopped my loose motion and vomiting, but nausea was there for few days.  We decided to setup our kitchen first before doing anything else and spent most of our cash advance from the company to collect every possible thing from Mustafa.

With the time, I slowly adapted to the food and now I can eat most of food available here. Singapore; being very rich in food I still need few years to taste all possible which I haven’t tasted yet πŸ™‚ .

These 3 years were very calm and I would like to remember these days for rest of my life. I would also like to remember tidy surroundings and this entire city-state as a very big garden.

Before I end this log, I would like to update you on my next trip to Allahabad, which is scheduled for dates between 6 and 22 November. I have to attend a "Tilak" and Marriage between my cousin (Maternal) and my sis-in-law (YES! you got it right πŸ˜‰ ), dates are 15 and 19 respectively. I hope, I will be able to visit my uncle (Mama Ji) this time and with my family which is overdue since long.

More later… 


After coughing, it started a running nose. In current situation anyone will get scared after this. So, decided to see the doctor yesterday, she has given few medicines, both cough and running nose just gone like it was never there and I have had just one dose only… I seldom use to take medicines and that is why I have a better immune system than others, medicines defiantly supported my body well.  Also my fears are gone now. πŸ™‚

One more update is that I have changed the album application now. Please see "The Album", happy viewing… more later on…

The most unplanned day

Yes it was! Except evening, nothing went as I thought, we are suppose to leave for Mac Ritchie reservoir at 1, but could not make it at all, yes we missed and this was mostly due to my fault, in the morning Sunil Informed me that he has to go to Dhoby Ghaut to collect his health certificate, I thought to utilize this opportunity and check if I can get remote control of my camera, this was a wrong decision. Though we manage to return at 1 but Sunil was hungry for lunch and Anshu asked for some time to prepare for kids, which result into delay. Both Rishi and Rashmi went fed up and dropped the idea of going, so we didnÒ€ℒt left with any option but to drop also. 😦

During the process of preparing for outing, I got call from my office about a glitch in the application which I have installed on Friday evening; I decided to check and moved out with camera and tripod to work. It was not a major problem and I mange to fix it with no time. I found Win Naing in office, he is also a photographer and the person suggested me to shoot NDP fireworks rehearsals. I asked if he can join, thankfully he did and with another colleague. I was missing the remote control of my camera, which I could not buy in the morning, but I was unable to do any thing at that time. Life is not all perfect, so why to bother about just a remote trigger, I decided to see how it goes as no one is going to blame for wrong shot until it free for all πŸ˜€ …

We reached just on time, it was my first experience with firework shoot, but I have already done some discussion with Keith and Max and also read some online help on how to shoot fireworks. It was crowded over the bridge, but we manage to find a place to set our tripods. I was not aware that where are they going to fire the fireworks? Also it was going to be for just few minutes, so was bit worried that whether I will be able to capture that or not? Whether my setting are correct or not? And whether my focus is in correct direction or not?

I missed couple of fireworks in beginning as I was focusing on wrong direction, and few others went kaput due to motion blur. Here is one among the worst I mange to get for you… enjoy πŸ™‚

"NDP fireworks rehearsals"

Thanks God it's Friday

Its Friday again and I am back again, looking forward for a partly scheduled and partly unscheduled weekend πŸ™‚ …

In the scheduled part MacRitchie reservoir, indoor badminton, photo shoots of NDP firework rehearsals and lunch with Rishi and Rashmi. I doubt that I will be left with any time to do anything else; I wish I can get some time out to log for you.

Oh yes! Here I want to point out that my frequency of log is going down; till February this year it was 10+ per month and after that it’s 10 or less, but I have a justification for this, as Anshu and kids are back in February, so not getting enough time to think and log.

I am not that skilled in writing and need a peaceful environment to avoid any mistakes and log the exact emotions. I was brought up in a very peaceful environment and now this becomes my weakness. When kids start creating noise, it becomes intolerable to me; I use to go blank in this kind of situation. What can I do, have to wait until they grow up and start understanding my situation. I am also trying to adjust with it, while I am typing this entry both Aashi and Ishu are playing behind me with all their toys banging on the floor and TV is ON with almost full volume and no one watching National Geographic Channel. At the end of last line Aashi hits my back with her pram, and I simply ignored that. Cheers… πŸ˜€

I have got sore throat, its there from past 3 days. Now it’s easing up, hope it will perfectly ok tomorrow. While having tea with Keith and Max this afternoon I told him about this, Keith recommended me to take an Oldenlandia drink with salt and ice. I was bit surprised with the fact that I have to take ice in sore throat, but it works magically, coughing is almost gone. Thanks Keith….

I am following Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s blog and reading it almost daily. He is here in Singapore, but unfortunately I am unable to meet him due to my tight schedule … khe … khe… I am ashamed that I was not aware that there is an Orchid named on him, though I have visited Orchid Garden twice. Excuses…

Have to go to bed now … its almost mid night and I am sucked up, I burned every bit of my stamina in last badminton match and lost it also… 😦 there were only 5 people today so we were playing without any break. Good part was that there was no wind today. Getting a good play in open is quite uncertain due to windy evenings, so our average is quite poor. (3-4 evenings per week), its still ok, those who use to play can understand how good you will feel after it …

Have a good night and sweet dreams…


Sharad is one of my very old friends and a doctor. I called him yesterday; he is awaiting his trip to Singapore and Malaysia and in process of getting Visa for the same. He complains that I am not writing much rather I am posting more photographs, while other readers liked photographs and didn’t complained about not writing much. Well, I think I should write bit more about happenings and post few pictures also. This way I will be able to make happy both types of my readers, few who love to read and few who like photographs. As my personal incline is towards photographs, so I am posting more of photos these days. Hope I will be able to make happy both types of my audience afterward.

Returned back early yesterday, I was tired. From past few days I am thinking and reading about H1N1 spread. I am personally very careful it checking my temperatures regularly, I hope you all must be doing same, please don’t forget to wash your hand or bath after each visit out side, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, see the doctor if you are feeling unwell.  

As most of readers knows that Sharad is my best friend, I was thinking why he my best friend and what makes him a different friend that others. Let me brief you about him first. We know each other since 1992, when we joined a coaching together. He was preparing for medicals and staying in the same area as my house is. As he was much dedicated towards medical he got it while I was more focused on B.Sc. and then joined MCA and moved towards IT, so we don’t have any professional rivalry between us πŸ˜‰ . This is one of most important factor which makes this friendship special. We both are of same kind, we use to make fun of each other and no one takes it seriously, we always stood behind each other in tough times. But most important one is that "there is no ego between us", we know that we can tell whatever bitter truth to other and other will think about this before reacting on it. I hope those reading this will accept that there must not be an sense of self in friendship, and each must be honest in their opinion and other must listen and with open mind.

Trust me he is one of few persons in front of which I can laugh freely and share secretes without any fear. I am also sure same he does with me.

I wish you all get at least one friend like him πŸ™‚ .


I have planned to visit Orchid gardens with Anshu, as she has been never to there and later to shoot NDP fireworks rehearsal from Esplanade.

It was drizzling randomly throughout day, but manages to get few snaps of Orchids. Yah! At the end Anshu told that she didn’t enjoyed 😦 . We returned late and also due to drizzling, I was unable to make to fireworks, hopefully next week will do the shoot. Before we start with photographs of orchid garden, here I have a snap of Aashi, which I took this morning.

AYG Football Final

The event happened on Monday, I was there not to watch match but to test my 1000D and my skill, It was a test to its limit – low light, fast moving objects, full zoom of 75-300, high ISO, big aperture (the biggest it can go at 300mm is F5.6, which is not big enough), continuous mode and AI Servo mode.

I realized that the camera is not meant for the purpose of which I was using it, after 2 shots (a gap of 1 second) it stops for some time (may be to clear it buffer) before taking third one. F5.6 was not big enough to eat required light. I felt pity when I saw a guy sitting next to me with 1D mark II shooting like anything. I have full faith in myself and believe that the person sitting behind camera is more important than the camera itself. I need to learn more …

Here are few, the first one was taken with my new 50mm F1.8, rest with 75-300mm F4~5.6 –

First goal by North Korea

Second goal by North Korea

A Korean Fan

AYG Beach Volleyball

It was Keith suggestion to shoot Asian youth games, but being out with Anshu and kids on Saturday, I was unable to make it yesterday. It was beach volleyball finals today, being a university player and now a so called photographer there was "must go" for this. After 10 years, I was again in the arena of a volleyball match, not to play but to shoot this time πŸ™‚ .

When I entered there was a girl’s match for bronze going on between Indonesia and China. All matches were straight sets, including this one where china won the bronze.

Both finals of girls and boys were between Thailand and Kazakhstan and both won by Thailand, not to mention in straight sets.

Here are few photographs of girls final

And a few of boys final.

Blog traffic trend

Before my busy and unplanned day starts… I would like to show you people some thing.

This is a graph of traffic coming to the blog, which I have taken from Google analytics, though number is quite small but tread of graph is very much encouraging. I must thank all of you coming to my blog, please keep on reading me. Also few of my friends and readers requested to open up comments… hmmm… I also donÒ€ℒt like this mono-log, but unfortunately I can not do this, until I have sufficient time to go through each… sorry 😦 .

I will try to post more late-night, there are many events that I am thinking of doing this weekend but my calendar is not set yet, nothing planned yet. One thing I must do is to take Anshu and kids out πŸ™‚ .