Wider page layout

As I have started posting more and more photographs (though still not good enough 😛 ), so was thinking to either change the template or make it wider, so that I can post large images and you guys then will not needed to click on the image to view large size.

Changing the template is not that easy for me, as I have done a lot of coding to get those gadgets. Like shoubox and javascript driven Archive menu, it’s still achievable for a designer who has good understanding of CSS, let me know if you or a know person to you interested doing this, I have a very decent design in my mind 😀 .

While looking into CSS I realized that it’s easy to widen the template. I can live with it for the time being. But still would like to transform the template with the one which I selected. Can not disclose the template fearing copy-catty, but one thing I can say that "You are going to love it".

Posting an image to test the width …