Photo Contest result

I left office at 6:30 for Asian Civilization Museum, I was already aware that my entries are not selected, the purpose of visit was the see the winning entries and capture Mr. McCurry. I was just on time; saw some excellent photographic work by winners. My fault was that I have submitted my photographs just by selecting 2 of my best, as I thought that this is open category, didn’t noticed that theme was Ungraded Movement and neither I tried to explore the work done by the judge Mr. McCurry, may be more carefully analyzing and understanding these 2 thing would have been helped me selecting right photographs for the entries. My entries were totally out of theme 😛 , I will be careful next time 😀 .  

It was a low light condition in the announcement hall, and my 1000D sucks in low light, further I was standing far behind everyone, fortunately I was carrying my tele lens, and I manage to get few clean shots of him. These were taken with big aperture and high ISO, so I have reduced them to remove noise and blur.

I am not going to post winning photographs, not sure if I can do that or not.