To Dad

Its raining today and it looking beautiful, I always enjoyed watching rain from window, it looks beautiful when rain clear all dust from trees and grasses. I loved winters and summers also. We normally love and enjoy all seasons, you know why? Because we have a roof over our head in rain, warm cloths for winters, and chilled water and air conditioners in summer. This was not the case with my Dad.

He use to get worried for wooden roof, whether it will be able to sustain rain, he use to get worried whether he has sufficient wood to keep home worm in winters. He was bicycling 35 KM every weekend to return back home from city to take care of crops till his graduation. He was a dedicated farmer until he joined Kings George Medical College for his MBBS. I heard from relatives that, he was having only 2 sets of cloths until he completed this doctor degree.

My dad was youngest among 3 survived sons. That time infant mortality was quite high, there were only few vaccines available and villages were not having proper medical treatment facility. 2 brothers of dad died young because of lack of treatment.

Grandpa died when my dad was only 2 months old. It was a tough job for my grandma and grate grandma to just maintain survival in a small pension of Rs. 16. Luckily there was some land for cultivation, which helped them to get daily bread. My first uncle joined Indian Air forces and continued the family tradition at the age of 18. Just to mention my grandpa was in army and served British Indian Army. Elder uncle become main bread owner of family and help his younger for getting higher education.

Despite all shortage during his childhood, he has never given us any unconditional favor for our unnecessary demands. There was always a strict scrutiny of our demands; there was always a strict discipline at home. As soon as we start growing, he started transferring responsibilities of home to us. He always wanted us to become strong and strong enough to face the world, hardworking to get what we need or want. He wanted us to experience and understands every sweetness and bitterness of life. He never forced his decision to us, neither mom. This is what makes him so special and loveable to us.

Despite a 16 room landed house and all luxury in city, he again decided the return back to village after retirement (as Joint Director of Health), this time his own bought land. He is again a full time farmer now 🙂 .