Steve McCurry at Asian Civilization Museum

First of all sorry for not logging on last weekend, I was very busy in office work, so wasn’t having enough time to log any thing…

Now as far as today’s day is concern it was quite eventful, Keith informed that the legendary photographer Steve McCurry is in town for exhibition, a contest and a talk on his encounters with Asia through his photographs. Unfortunately at last moment we find that there is booking required for the talk… so missed… 😦 … but saw the exhibition and got a glimpse of McCurry also.

Before that Sunil informed that one of our ex colleague of Philips Suresh booked badminton court at Bishan indoor court, the timing was 9-10 in morning. We were total 5 and enjoyed the game.

After returning back home from badminton found Keith online, informed him about the advance booking procedure of McCurry talk, it was bit disappointing for both of us. While chatting he mentioned about the contest, I immediately decided to submit my photographs, quickly cropped my photographs and did some fine tuning, copied to thumb drive and moved. Before moving out saw Ananya sleeping and was looking very cute.

Here is a photograph of fruits just behind Khatib MRT station, nice colors, haan ?

Saw some breathtaking photographs of McCurry and as mentioned glimpse of him at the museum. While coming out and on way out to Peninsular Plaza, noticed that too many photographers gathered shooting few dancers dancing out side of ‘The Art House’, which is just behind the museum. As I was carrying my camera with me, decided to try my hand. Keith on the other hand was rushing to somewhere else, so he said good bye to me there it self. 😦 . Though nothing comes up good of those dancing girls but a boy dancing on theme of fire comes up quite good. Here is a picture of him and those photographers shooting them, I was one them πŸ™‚ .

Now about Peninsular Plaza, the only reason to go there was to buy a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. Now the last job of the day was go to Jurong Point for some correction in our package booked for Tioman… Yes, we have again booked the package. Hope this time the ferry will remain intact and we will be able to make it πŸ˜€ .

Here is a photograph of Ananya with new 50mm F1.8, this is not sharp, though I find other sharp. Sent all those taken with 50mm to Keith for review, he is my mentor after all… cheers

Was not planning to play badminton in evening as was damm so tired, but Rishi called me at 9:30, so went. Sunday is about to start now and I have to go to bed… yawn … so tired.

A Quickie before I leave tomorrow is Fathers day. Will write some more about him, love to him and love to you all …

Take care