East Coast Park

Posting few pictures, more later 😉

Adding some more details about East Coast Park –

I was there many times, in morning and evening, in weekdays and weekends, and it was always a misery as most of times I have to take a cab to come out from there. It’s Coastly lah! Yesterday also I decided to take a break from everything and go out. This time again, I have taken a cab from Marina Square, what wrong I did was I followed a portal which suggested a bus from Orchard Road. It takes hell lot of time due to traffic, especially in weekends. As I was planning to be there in evening, so started around 4 from home, expected that 1 hour I will be enough to reach there and will be able to take some good pictures. I came out from the Orchard road MRT station, waited some time for bus and it was 5:30 already when I reached near Marina Square. Finally decided to quit and take a cab again. I have got only one hour window to shoot, I was planning to shoot at East Coast Lagoon (Ski Park) but the cab dropped me in front of MacDonald’s. Now if I would have been start walking for Ski Park I would not have been able to reach there before sunset and all my time would have been wasted in just reaching the place. So I finally end up on beach nearby only and returned back from there itself 😦 .

While my way back I was determined to find an easily accessible bus which can drop me to any bus interchange or MRT. Though if I take a cab then Eunos will be nearest MRT but getting a cab on Sunday evening is very difficult and booking it is the only solution, which of course I was not thinking to do so 😀 . That was a pure luck when I saw bus number 401 taking a U-turn just in front of McDonald. It was a thin ray of hope; I started moving towards it and find a bus stop very easily accessible from ECP, checked the route, this bus number 401 runs in loop from Bedok interchange to ECP. Thought that it’s better to go to Bedok by bus rather than taking a cab to Eunos, it’s just a matter two stop only. Luckily 401 also cross Chai Chee Tecnopark where my workplace is, so I can take bus 854 to my way back home. I was so glad of this finding that started comparing me with Columbus… hehe :D.

So in nutshell, if you searching how to reach East Coast Park looking for bus or MRT options then my suggestion is take MRT to reach Bedok or Bus to Chai Chee Technopark. Take bus number 401 from Bedok bus interchange (both Bedok MRT and Bus interchange are very near). If you are by bus and alighting at Chai Chee then you have to cross the road to the bus stop just opposite and take the same bus 401. Trust me even though I am staying at Yishun but I still prefer to follow this route in my further visits to East Coast Park.

Cheers … 😀