Bits and pieces

I will try to covers two unrelated topics in this entry. Hope will not mess and you will be able to distinguish all of them 😀 .

Let me start with photography, while discussing with my photographer friends the first 2 shocking words I came across was "Subject" and "Object". It was very disturbing when they start describing about a picture of very beautiful girl, which was the object in their opinion. Well I am not a photographer and use to shoot whatever I like, whether its portrait, candid, landscape or whatever, in short whatever looks photogenic to me. Marking a beautiful site in subject and object make its very dry, very artificial in my opinion. It will be difficult for me shoot keeping these words in my mind. I will not be able to create the feel which I want to. It may look beautiful but will be artificial. Sorry friends if you are reading and got hurt with my words.

I would like to introduce a website dedicated for nature lover photographers, which is, it’s a very nice site in my opinion and I am getting very helpful comments from expert to improve my hobby. I recommend you to register and post you photographs. They have group of some very experienced photographers.

Now the next topic 🙂 , which is about Singapore. It was mid 2006 when I first came here in Singapore and just after coming out from the Changi airport I became spellbound and thought "Ah! What a beautiful place!" and from the day one, till date I am in love with this place. Because of the beauty around me, I started taking pictures and capturing it for my memories. This starts with my mobile, then point and shoot cam and just recently bought my DSLR. There are plenty of places within Singapore where I want to go to shoot. It’s my very humble request to all those reading this, "Please do not create mess around and help this place remain beautiful". Why I am mentioning this because, one day while coming to office I saw a chewing gum glued at the back of seat in front of me, there other few example like those creative writing you can read written behind seats of buses, especially in back rows, littering in lift, throwing cigarette butts around etc. "Please do not do this."

Take care …