Quick break to Esplanade

People around me were asking if I went anywhere for photography. I came to know that there are few guys in office which are very good photographer, as they keep on showing their work and expecting from me to show mine, so decided to take my camera on date 🙂 .

It was afternoon when I went out, was thinking to take few landscape, it was not at all planned that I will sit at Esplanade and take the skyline. I just turned towards Esplanade while on my way to Boat Quay. Cool wind of evening and free soothing music prevented me return. I decided to take few pictures of magical evening.

Here are few of my way to Esplanade and of skyline seen from there –



Magical lights after sunset

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-25 sec, F-18, ISO-100

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-3.2 sec, F-18, ISO-200

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-1/10 sec, F-3.2, ISO-1600

Free Music


Few more under Esplanade Album