How to fix laptop keyboard

Here is a small guide about fixing a laptop keyboard. It may help those having Compaq laptops.

Keys of laptop are attached on base using 3 things, first – the base which is part of keyboard set, it is metallic and hard to get broken and in most of cases it do not cause the problem, second – the bracket, this is made of 2 pieces of plastic and third – is the key itself.

In most of cases of keyboard breakdown it’s just key and/or bracket which gets detached from the base. This can easily fixed by placing bracket in correct position and then placing keys on it and finally pressing it bit hard. If you press it bit hard you will listen a sound like ‘kit’ it means your keys are fixed, If you did not heard the sound that means the brackets are broken. Now you have to go to laptop repairing shop with it and ask for new one. As I already mentioned that there were 9 keys which came out from the keyboard and I manage fix 7 of them without problem, while 2 were remaining with broken brackets. So I went to a repair shop in Simlim square to get brackets, they charged me S$ 1 dollar per piece. This was bit costly than I expected but other options were even more costly.

Anyways, I fixed brackets and then pressed keys to fix my last 2 remaining keys. I am posting few images for your reference.

2 pieces of bracket

A new bracket

A broken key bracket

A key placeholder with brackets attached.