Star Trek

Friday, I was on leave to spend my leaves. Was staying at home, things went bit painful when Anshu fell sick, search medicines in first-aid, found few, now she is recovering, but we will see the doctor on Monday before going to office.

Saturday, 2 things were already planned for the day, first the movie Star Trek, second was barbeque at Albert place.

My first interface with any Hollywood serial or movie was the Star Trek. It was mid 80’s when India’s national channel Doordarshan showcased this serial. I was 10-12 old boy at that time and we were not having TV at home. I use to go to childhood friend Jolly every Sunday to watch this serial. His family was having only TV set in our area, which was black and white. Dad was against TV and most of those Sunday’s he use to remain at home. I was so fascinated by this serial and Caption Krik, Spock and others, that despite all unfavorable conditions, I use to go to Jolly’s home to watch this without informing at home. Being youngest I always feared getting caught doing this wrong and punishment afterwards. I use to watch serial from one eye and door from another, if my brothers are coming to call me back home. "Chalo, papa ne bulaya hai!" (Let’s go, dad’s looking for you!), were scariest most words of that time from my brother, whenever I got caught at Jolly’s home watching TV. This time also it was good to watch that same crew again; I wish they will be able to create same magic of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Jackson Kelley again.

After this movie I started for Albert house, he stays at Simei, I was late, I was supposed to be there at 6, but reached at 7:30. Simei and Yishun are at two corners of Singapore. Gathering was of colleagues, ex-colleagues and families there; we were barbecuing,  eating and drinking until 10 when I decided to return back, it was going to another one and half hour my way back to home. Here is a picture of barbecue…