Escape Theme Park

After overcoming shock of Friday (due to Tioman trip cancellation), we decided to go out on Saturday. Escape Theme park and Wild Wild Wet was the place and it was a Rishi suggestion.

I thought to check batteries of camera after waking up in the morning, I was sure that that will be low because I haven’t charged it since long, but forgot to charge as I went busy in preparing. Time has passed and it was 10 when I realized that it’s too late to put the battery on charge. My cell phone was also not good in health. Time has become most critical part of our day to day life, if you missed it; it will never come back again to give you a relief (it’s quite cold blooded… isn’t it?). After checking batteries of both camera and cell phone, I realized that they are not going to be with me for long.

So finally we have started at 11:30 for the outing which was actually planned to start at 10:30. It was me and only me behind this delay. Rishi and Rashmi had waited for us for half an hour on the bus-stop… sorry folks!

We realized another mistake when Anshu informed that she didn’t took my cloths for Water Park. It was a costly (S$ 75) mistake 😀 . So, we went for purchasing swimming costumes to enter into Water Park.

It was a very clear day with no clouds in sky. We have paid only 30 cents extra and got tickets of both, there were some promotion going on for that day only. Everyone except me tried every possible ride in the theme park. I was bit worried about my gadgets and kids so decided to stay with them and away from ride. Anshu and Rashmi in particular enjoyed lot; they tried few rides 2 times. At one incidence when I left Aashi with Rishi and Sunil to take few picture, she started crying like anything. I saw Rishi was clueless and helpless how to stop her from crying… 😀 . Aashi always need Anshu with her and don’t even bother about me. It was bit hard to manage her when Anshu was out for ride.

Here are few pictures of Escape Theme Park –

[Anshu before ride]

[Anshu in ride]

After finishing rides we had lunch at the burger king, within the theme park and started for Water Park. I was desperate to take a dip in water to get rid of heat and was becoming impatient waiting for Anshu to return back after change (why girls use to take so much of time? WHY?). My camera was dead and cell phone was about to die, so packed both them before going for change cloths. Everyone including kids enjoyed the water park. We left water park when it was about to close. I noticed that surprisingly my cell phone was still alive and the pool was looking great just after sunset. So captured this moment and immediately after that phone died.

We have decided to take MRT to return back. Aashi was sleeping and now it was Anaya’s turn to start crying, MRT was packed and Rishi was embarrassed with this situation, me too (a little). Anshu and I finally decided came out at Toy Payoh, when it becomes unbearable and taken a cab to return back, while rest others continued. Sunil brought dinner for us and slept like anything.