Tioman Tour cancelled

It’s Friday May 1, 2009 and rather than on the way to Tioman, I am still in Singapore.

It was 9:30 last night and I have received a call, "Is it Mr. Pawan?", "Yes!" I replied. "I am calling from the tour operator company, we are extremely sorry to inform you that the tour to Tioman is cancelled due to ferry break down, you will get your full money refund from your agent". All my efforts, energy and excitement were simply blown away with these few words and he was assuring me that I will get my full money back. I tried to explore if he can arrange any other ferry from Mersing, but he said it won’t be possible.

It was more than a month since we started planning for Tioman, collected every fine details about place, got Malaysian visa, did purchasing and packing … all gone… !@#$%^&*() -=[]\;’,./{}|:"<>?

Disappointed, dejected and irritated, not sure what to do now? Only bar words are coming in my mind…