Bits and pieces

I will try to covers two unrelated topics in this entry. Hope will not mess and you will be able to distinguish all of them 😀 .

Let me start with photography, while discussing with my photographer friends the first 2 shocking words I came across was "Subject" and "Object". It was very disturbing when they start describing about a picture of very beautiful girl, which was the object in their opinion. Well I am not a photographer and use to shoot whatever I like, whether its portrait, candid, landscape or whatever, in short whatever looks photogenic to me. Marking a beautiful site in subject and object make its very dry, very artificial in my opinion. It will be difficult for me shoot keeping these words in my mind. I will not be able to create the feel which I want to. It may look beautiful but will be artificial. Sorry friends if you are reading and got hurt with my words.

I would like to introduce a website dedicated for nature lover photographers, which is, it’s a very nice site in my opinion and I am getting very helpful comments from expert to improve my hobby. I recommend you to register and post you photographs. They have group of some very experienced photographers.

Now the next topic 🙂 , which is about Singapore. It was mid 2006 when I first came here in Singapore and just after coming out from the Changi airport I became spellbound and thought "Ah! What a beautiful place!" and from the day one, till date I am in love with this place. Because of the beauty around me, I started taking pictures and capturing it for my memories. This starts with my mobile, then point and shoot cam and just recently bought my DSLR. There are plenty of places within Singapore where I want to go to shoot. It’s my very humble request to all those reading this, "Please do not create mess around and help this place remain beautiful". Why I am mentioning this because, one day while coming to office I saw a chewing gum glued at the back of seat in front of me, there other few example like those creative writing you can read written behind seats of buses, especially in back rows, littering in lift, throwing cigarette butts around etc. "Please do not do this."

Take care …


Heard this term yesterday from my mentor of photography. In layman’s term its blur (fuzziness) behind or in front of object.

Here are 2 pictures for example.

Bokeh behind the object.

Bokeh ahead of object. The object is my mentor Keith Tan though 😉

i am wrong anywhere please mail me to inform 🙂

Quick break to Esplanade

People around me were asking if I went anywhere for photography. I came to know that there are few guys in office which are very good photographer, as they keep on showing their work and expecting from me to show mine, so decided to take my camera on date 🙂 .

It was afternoon when I went out, was thinking to take few landscape, it was not at all planned that I will sit at Esplanade and take the skyline. I just turned towards Esplanade while on my way to Boat Quay. Cool wind of evening and free soothing music prevented me return. I decided to take few pictures of magical evening.

Here are few of my way to Esplanade and of skyline seen from there –



Magical lights after sunset

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-25 sec, F-18, ISO-100

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-3.2 sec, F-18, ISO-200

Singapore Skyline with Exposure Time-1/10 sec, F-3.2, ISO-1600

Free Music


Few more under Esplanade Album

How to fix laptop keyboard

Here is a small guide about fixing a laptop keyboard. It may help those having Compaq laptops.

Keys of laptop are attached on base using 3 things, first – the base which is part of keyboard set, it is metallic and hard to get broken and in most of cases it do not cause the problem, second – the bracket, this is made of 2 pieces of plastic and third – is the key itself.

In most of cases of keyboard breakdown it’s just key and/or bracket which gets detached from the base. This can easily fixed by placing bracket in correct position and then placing keys on it and finally pressing it bit hard. If you press it bit hard you will listen a sound like ‘kit’ it means your keys are fixed, If you did not heard the sound that means the brackets are broken. Now you have to go to laptop repairing shop with it and ask for new one. As I already mentioned that there were 9 keys which came out from the keyboard and I manage fix 7 of them without problem, while 2 were remaining with broken brackets. So I went to a repair shop in Simlim square to get brackets, they charged me S$ 1 dollar per piece. This was bit costly than I expected but other options were even more costly.

Anyways, I fixed brackets and then pressed keys to fix my last 2 remaining keys. I am posting few images for your reference.

2 pieces of bracket

A new bracket

A broken key bracket

A key placeholder with brackets attached.

Broken keyboard

While returning back from badminton on Thursday evening, Anshu called me to inform that Aashi has broken keyboard of laptop. It was hard to prevent my self from fainting after seeing the laptop. Keys ‘S’, ‘D’, ‘F’, ‘X’, ‘C’, ‘V’ ‘B’, ‘left Alt’ and ‘Windows key’ were out with brackets. ‘B’ was fitted after ‘A’ (after ‘A’ its ‘S’ not ‘B’), it means someone tried of fix it also … 😀 … was that you Anshu ???

On first instance I thought I have to go for complete keyboard replacement or I have to buy an external keyboard. It will be going to cost from 40 to 125 S$. I decided to pack it for the time being and check it on Saturday.

Star Trek

Friday, I was on leave to spend my leaves. Was staying at home, things went bit painful when Anshu fell sick, search medicines in first-aid, found few, now she is recovering, but we will see the doctor on Monday before going to office.

Saturday, 2 things were already planned for the day, first the movie Star Trek, second was barbeque at Albert place.

My first interface with any Hollywood serial or movie was the Star Trek. It was mid 80’s when India’s national channel Doordarshan showcased this serial. I was 10-12 old boy at that time and we were not having TV at home. I use to go to childhood friend Jolly every Sunday to watch this serial. His family was having only TV set in our area, which was black and white. Dad was against TV and most of those Sunday’s he use to remain at home. I was so fascinated by this serial and Caption Krik, Spock and others, that despite all unfavorable conditions, I use to go to Jolly’s home to watch this without informing at home. Being youngest I always feared getting caught doing this wrong and punishment afterwards. I use to watch serial from one eye and door from another, if my brothers are coming to call me back home. "Chalo, papa ne bulaya hai!" (Let’s go, dad’s looking for you!), were scariest most words of that time from my brother, whenever I got caught at Jolly’s home watching TV. This time also it was good to watch that same crew again; I wish they will be able to create same magic of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Jackson Kelley again.

After this movie I started for Albert house, he stays at Simei, I was late, I was supposed to be there at 6, but reached at 7:30. Simei and Yishun are at two corners of Singapore. Gathering was of colleagues, ex-colleagues and families there; we were barbecuing,  eating and drinking until 10 when I decided to return back, it was going to another one and half hour my way back to home. Here is a picture of barbecue…

Escape Theme Park

After overcoming shock of Friday (due to Tioman trip cancellation), we decided to go out on Saturday. Escape Theme park and Wild Wild Wet was the place and it was a Rishi suggestion.

I thought to check batteries of camera after waking up in the morning, I was sure that that will be low because I haven’t charged it since long, but forgot to charge as I went busy in preparing. Time has passed and it was 10 when I realized that it’s too late to put the battery on charge. My cell phone was also not good in health. Time has become most critical part of our day to day life, if you missed it; it will never come back again to give you a relief (it’s quite cold blooded… isn’t it?). After checking batteries of both camera and cell phone, I realized that they are not going to be with me for long.

So finally we have started at 11:30 for the outing which was actually planned to start at 10:30. It was me and only me behind this delay. Rishi and Rashmi had waited for us for half an hour on the bus-stop… sorry folks!

We realized another mistake when Anshu informed that she didn’t took my cloths for Water Park. It was a costly (S$ 75) mistake 😀 . So, we went for purchasing swimming costumes to enter into Water Park.

It was a very clear day with no clouds in sky. We have paid only 30 cents extra and got tickets of both, there were some promotion going on for that day only. Everyone except me tried every possible ride in the theme park. I was bit worried about my gadgets and kids so decided to stay with them and away from ride. Anshu and Rashmi in particular enjoyed lot; they tried few rides 2 times. At one incidence when I left Aashi with Rishi and Sunil to take few picture, she started crying like anything. I saw Rishi was clueless and helpless how to stop her from crying… 😀 . Aashi always need Anshu with her and don’t even bother about me. It was bit hard to manage her when Anshu was out for ride.

Here are few pictures of Escape Theme Park –

[Anshu before ride]

[Anshu in ride]

After finishing rides we had lunch at the burger king, within the theme park and started for Water Park. I was desperate to take a dip in water to get rid of heat and was becoming impatient waiting for Anshu to return back after change (why girls use to take so much of time? WHY?). My camera was dead and cell phone was about to die, so packed both them before going for change cloths. Everyone including kids enjoyed the water park. We left water park when it was about to close. I noticed that surprisingly my cell phone was still alive and the pool was looking great just after sunset. So captured this moment and immediately after that phone died.

We have decided to take MRT to return back. Aashi was sleeping and now it was Anaya’s turn to start crying, MRT was packed and Rishi was embarrassed with this situation, me too (a little). Anshu and I finally decided came out at Toy Payoh, when it becomes unbearable and taken a cab to return back, while rest others continued. Sunil brought dinner for us and slept like anything.

Tioman Tour cancelled

It’s Friday May 1, 2009 and rather than on the way to Tioman, I am still in Singapore.

It was 9:30 last night and I have received a call, "Is it Mr. Pawan?", "Yes!" I replied. "I am calling from the tour operator company, we are extremely sorry to inform you that the tour to Tioman is cancelled due to ferry break down, you will get your full money refund from your agent". All my efforts, energy and excitement were simply blown away with these few words and he was assuring me that I will get my full money back. I tried to explore if he can arrange any other ferry from Mersing, but he said it won’t be possible.

It was more than a month since we started planning for Tioman, collected every fine details about place, got Malaysian visa, did purchasing and packing … all gone… !@#$%^&*() -=[]\;’,./{}|:"<>?

Disappointed, dejected and irritated, not sure what to do now? Only bar words are coming in my mind…