Tioman getaway planning

Before I start on Tioman; just a quick update that finally I manage to submit my PR application on 28. It was all new experience and was not that much complicated as I was thinking; further officers at ICA were very helpful. I am very much satisfied now, because at least from my end I am done 🙂 .

So after this I have got time to think and plan for my Tioman getaway. First what we need is Malaysian Ringgits, so yesterday we (I and Rishi) went to Mustafa for the same. Current exchange rate is MYR 2.4 approx per Sing dollars. Both I and Rishi were in continuous touch to share finding about the place. We manage to finalize places where we can go. These are places of snorkeling, beaches, jungle tracking and waterfalls. Though I doubt that, we will be able to cover this much in 3 days. It’s actually 2 day and 2 night trip, because we will be reaching there on 1 st afternoon and will start for return back on noon of 3 rd. Let see how much we can cover.  Here I must write those places where we are planning to go. These are –

==> Salang Beach – Will go for snorkeling from there and that is why we are staying there.

==> Tulai Island – It’s also known as Fan Canyon because the dive site is full of large gorgonian sea fans that grow on the volcanic rocks. There are several dive sites around the island. Maximum depth is 25 meters and visibility range is 5-20 meters.

==> Monkey bay – This has long white sandy beaches and peaceful place. I hope we will have some beautiful landscape for camera work 😀 .

==> Marina Park – Place of coral reefs.

==> Tracking – There is long track from Ayer Batang village to Juara village.

==> Asah and Mukut falls – These are present at the southern part of island and in Bukit Semukut and Mukut village.

==> Twin peak – is also present in Bukit Semukut. It is also known as horn of dragon princes. According to legend, Tioman Island is the resting place of a beautiful dragon princess. She was flying from China to Singapore to meet her fiancée. She stopped to rest in the sea and discontinued her journey after seeing beauty of the place and formed an island. She promises to offer shelter and comfort to passing travelers.

Here is a photograph of printout after modification as per our plan. Places where we wish to go are encircled. Please click on the image to enlarge (if you really keen to know hehe…)