Its going to be complicated so read this carefully.

As I already mentioned that we have started playing badminton on weekends and on last Sunday I have given every bit of my stamina. This results into extreme muscle fatigue, which is still with me. Further I also mentioned that I am applying for PR and scheduled date 28 th of this month, now the part which has created trouble for me.

My PR form was filled and I was checking all related documents which I need to submit with the form. Found that 2 documents were not in the correct format as mentioned in the requirement. First was birth certificate and second my first job experience certificate. Another document of experience certificate of my second job in Singapore was missing all together, that I never collected.

So I started calling India to Anurag and my first company bosses Mr. Shaktidhar Sharma and Ms. Anisha Sharma to reissue that document. This process started from Monday and I have got my certificate today morning. Thanks to Shakti sir, Anisha Mam and Anurag, they were always very generous to me. Called HR of my other employer, she also manages to do it for me, which I have collected on Friday it self. Thanks to them also.

Now the trickiest part, I was planning to apply for birth certificate for Anshu and Aashi once and close this topic, unfortunately this could not happen. I went to Indian Embassy. Despite all my pain (muscle fatigue); I was there at 8 AM and stood in queue, which started forming from 7 AM, while office open time is 9. I was standing for one hour sweating all the time. Finally door opens and I entered, filled 3 forms and helped another person, in between my token number passed. Fortunately the lady at the counter was kind enough to listen me, when I submitted the form (which was actually first set of forms, while I need to fill another set of form after that), she asked where are other 2 people. I said "At home". She informed me that I can apply for my self and my daughter and not for my wife. My wife must be present in the embassy to submit the form. It means I have to bring all them Anshu, Ashwina and Ananya and form the queue as early as 7 AM because embassy opening time is very limited. Then I have to take every one back home as Anshu alone can not do this, means half day off. Moreover I don’t have any time left to come another day as processing requires its own time and my appointment with ICA is near. So finally I decided to drop Anshu and Aashi this time and get the birth certificate of myself only. Collected my birth cert on Friday and today got all my documents completed. Now I have fill up the form again as earlier one is of no use because Anshu and kids are dropped now.

In nut shell terrible troubled week, lot of things happened and more done in very adverse conditions. I think I should go for hiring an assistance now 😛 .

Hope I will be able to get rid of all pain and troubles by coming Tuesday evening and start planning for Tioman getaway which I haven’t started yet.