Few bits and pieces

I was very excited to meet him, but unfortunately it was again one of his typical behaviors, when at the last moment he informed that he can not meet us due to blah…blah and blah reasons. We never met, just exchanged few mails and calls. But I can understand him as well as his family can.

I know these kinds of people very well, bossy in nature, always trying to dominate everyone around them, stubborn and thinking rest of world other than him is fool. They will never hesitant a fight or quarrel if you insist. I also know very well how to tackle them; will teach him a lesson and for sure he is going to enjoy it.

He didn’t worth his name mentioned here. So for those who know him, please remain silent and those who don’t know trust me, I know such a disgusting person like him 😀 .

So after a very bad morning, Sunil and I went to North Point to get Badminton Racquets. Rishi started playing it from past few days and called us to join him. We took this as an opportunity to lose weight, we all (Me, Rishi and Sunil) gaining weight and most of fat getting deposited in our waist area.

After 8 years, today I entered into any sports ground again (FYI: I represented my university twice in inter-university volleyball championships). I was thinking that I won’t be able to play a full single match even, but played 3, winning and losing is not important at this point of time. What we earned was good sweating, high rate of heartbeats, high breath rate and waiting for muscle fatigue to start, which may be starting from tomorrow onwards…hehe… Its will definitely improve our metabolism and help us to burn extra fat. I wish we can continue with this for long, lets see… 🙂 .

That badminton court is adjacent to the block where Rishi is staying, so went to his place after matches. Saw a coffee mug with his and Rashmi photograph printed on that. This was the photo, which I took during our visit to Chinese Garden. They like this photo so much that other than cup I saw the same picture on his laptop wallpaper also. Posting below

Rashmi is not visible in this as I have to take handle of the cup.