Anshu’s Birthday

Yup, it Friday night and I am back. I will first log about Anshu’s birthday and proceed ahead with other things later, may be tomorrow.

It was 16th of April and I was on leave, there was a very special reason for this, which was of course her birthday. Like last year, it was a special day for me, my intensions were very clear and I was well planned for the day.

She was receiving calls like any celebrity, this process started since mid night, when her fans ( 😉 ) started calling her. In the morning same story started again … calls, calls and more calls. Few, who don’t have her number, called on my hand phone to wish, I was noticing everything and feeling bit jealous as "I never got so many calls on my birthday 😦 "…

In between this, I informed her that we will go out for lunch, noticed a smile her face, and was sure that I will be able to see more smiles and shine during this entire day.

It was long since I had Dosa (Dosai) and she is a big fan of Paneer dishes. We went to Serangoon area and had some good lunch, we decided to go far Kadhai Paneer, 3 different types of Naan and Rice, with juices and milk shakes. While returning back it was time to surprise her, I said "let’s see some gold items", I am well aware the she like gold a lot. Shop was already decided in my mind, but I didn’t reflected this to her. It was just like a casual call. We went inside and stared looking around. I was watching her closely, her reactions after observing each items, this it to decide what item to go for, at the end I found she got crush on a pair of bangles. I told salesperson to pack it for her. Anshu looked at me from corner of her eyes keeping a smile and shine on her face. This was the surprise part of the day. Price is not important, important was her joy and happiness, it was her day after all.

We returned back home at around 7:30, it was late to start for dinner at home, neither I wanted her to cook, in fact what I was planned to prepare some special dinner for her. But as it was late and moreover we were tired, so decided to go out again for dinner.

Sunil retuned from office at 8 and we started for dinner at 9, called Rishi while coming out, they both (Rishi and Rashmi) were at home and happily joined us for the dinner. Dinner; which we had at Mc-D.

I was bit unfortunate in my case, which is my birthday. From past 3 years we never celebrated my birthday together, she was in India and I was here. Hopefully we will do it together in coming years.