Yah, I am literally blank these days, not at all thinking any thing special or trying to do something special as I already have few very special people with me. See it to believe it…

Spending my most of time home, collecting document for PR form, while checking forms again, realized that I need few more details, may be have to just a make call home, I still have time to submit the form.

Other than routined negative vibes, last week went quite smooth. Got news from brother (BK) that kids getting sick due to climate change. After winters now mercury is rising day by day. I wish they come up strongly and get well soon to join their schools.

Still waiting a call from Pam to collect chopped passport for Malaysia visa, will check with her on Monday, hopefully that will be ready by then.

Anshus’ birthday is near, it’s in mid of next week, and I have some surprises planned for her. I will share with you all that, how she reacted on the surprise. But promise me it will be a secret between you and me … OK? 😛

Am I missing anything, guess not. So that’s it for this week, more update later.

Till then take care 🙂