Tioman Plan

How to start this? Hmmm… well, it was 30 th March and just before lunch I have got a mail from Rishi about his plan to visit Tioman (a beautiful island of Malaysia) on 1,2 and 3 rd of May. There are 3 continues off due to "Labor Day" followed by Saturday and Sunday. The bug of tourism which was sleeping inside me awakes again and I immediately decided to go for it (most of times I use to take my decisions on toes 😀 ). Sunil was also in CC list, so I forwarded the mail to 4 other couples whom I thought that they can join us. I still remember the same thing I did before going to Bintan last year.

These are those people with whom I spent some very good time and just within last couple of years. Like they did last time, "NOT A SINGLE PERSON REPLIED MY E-MAIL THIS TIME ALSO". They all forgot me, just after separating with me and now we are not even friends. Even though every one of us is living within a radius of 15 KM, but it’s me who has to call them and mail them asking about their well-being. We are becoming professional in personal life also, which I don’t think is healthy by any mean.

I think they were expecting an obligation will come from me, if they refuse to join. If this was the case then they must also think that, what benefit I will get out of it if they accept to join us. Am I a marketer or something? NO, then why?

I will not ask them again; as I already know few typical excuses and which I don’t want to listen anymore.

Anyways rather than dragging my entry long because of unworthy people, let’s return back to main topic. After exchanging 70+ odd mails between 5 people in 5 days and after exploring on net and friends, we have finalized resort and tour operator. I was the person leading this tour plan initiated by Rishi. Exploring various offers available with various tour operators, contacting them in-person, booking package and collecting vouchers was my job. Rest others helped me by providing information about operators, beaches and resorts. Finally I have collected vouchers this evening and everything is fixed now. As Rishi went to India for a week, so will meet them all and explain them about related details once he is back.

Need to get our Malaysian visa done also, which I already submitted with same travel agent. Pam is our travel agent who booked the tour package for us. She is quite professional and organized in her approach. I liked the way she uses to manage things.

It was a hectic, hot and humid day today (note all three ‘h’) … he… he… went out with Anshu and kids for photographs this morning, Sembawang is just second MRT stop from here but we have taken 3+ hours just to get our photographs done. Going out with family always take much more time than going alone. We need photographs for Singapore PR form as well as Malaysian visa also. It was 3PM when we returned back, I was already given time of 4PM to Pam to collect travel vouchers and apply for visa, she already told me that she has to close her office by 5 today. I immediately started for her after dropping Anshu and kids back home. I always love be punctual and hate someone waits for me. Thanks God! I was on time. She briefly explained about tour and took my help to fill-up forms for visa. I will see her again to collect chopped passport after 4-5 days.

There was very little rain today and full sun shine after it, which makes the day bit humid. Somehow I manage to finish all work planned for today.