Tioman getaway planning

Before I start on Tioman; just a quick update that finally I manage to submit my PR application on 28. It was all new experience and was not that much complicated as I was thinking; further officers at ICA were very helpful. I am very much satisfied now, because at least from my end I am done 🙂 .

So after this I have got time to think and plan for my Tioman getaway. First what we need is Malaysian Ringgits, so yesterday we (I and Rishi) went to Mustafa for the same. Current exchange rate is MYR 2.4 approx per Sing dollars. Both I and Rishi were in continuous touch to share finding about the place. We manage to finalize places where we can go. These are places of snorkeling, beaches, jungle tracking and waterfalls. Though I doubt that, we will be able to cover this much in 3 days. It’s actually 2 day and 2 night trip, because we will be reaching there on 1 st afternoon and will start for return back on noon of 3 rd. Let see how much we can cover.  Here I must write those places where we are planning to go. These are –

==> Salang Beach – Will go for snorkeling from there and that is why we are staying there.

==> Tulai Island – It’s also known as Fan Canyon because the dive site is full of large gorgonian sea fans that grow on the volcanic rocks. There are several dive sites around the island. Maximum depth is 25 meters and visibility range is 5-20 meters.

==> Monkey bay – This has long white sandy beaches and peaceful place. I hope we will have some beautiful landscape for camera work 😀 .

==> Marina Park – Place of coral reefs.

==> Tracking – There is long track from Ayer Batang village to Juara village.

==> Asah and Mukut falls – These are present at the southern part of island and in Bukit Semukut and Mukut village.

==> Twin peak – is also present in Bukit Semukut. It is also known as horn of dragon princes. According to legend, Tioman Island is the resting place of a beautiful dragon princess. She was flying from China to Singapore to meet her fiancée. She stopped to rest in the sea and discontinued her journey after seeing beauty of the place and formed an island. She promises to offer shelter and comfort to passing travelers.

Here is a photograph of printout after modification as per our plan. Places where we wish to go are encircled. Please click on the image to enlarge (if you really keen to know hehe…)


Its going to be complicated so read this carefully.

As I already mentioned that we have started playing badminton on weekends and on last Sunday I have given every bit of my stamina. This results into extreme muscle fatigue, which is still with me. Further I also mentioned that I am applying for PR and scheduled date 28 th of this month, now the part which has created trouble for me.

My PR form was filled and I was checking all related documents which I need to submit with the form. Found that 2 documents were not in the correct format as mentioned in the requirement. First was birth certificate and second my first job experience certificate. Another document of experience certificate of my second job in Singapore was missing all together, that I never collected.

So I started calling India to Anurag and my first company bosses Mr. Shaktidhar Sharma and Ms. Anisha Sharma to reissue that document. This process started from Monday and I have got my certificate today morning. Thanks to Shakti sir, Anisha Mam and Anurag, they were always very generous to me. Called HR of my other employer, she also manages to do it for me, which I have collected on Friday it self. Thanks to them also.

Now the trickiest part, I was planning to apply for birth certificate for Anshu and Aashi once and close this topic, unfortunately this could not happen. I went to Indian Embassy. Despite all my pain (muscle fatigue); I was there at 8 AM and stood in queue, which started forming from 7 AM, while office open time is 9. I was standing for one hour sweating all the time. Finally door opens and I entered, filled 3 forms and helped another person, in between my token number passed. Fortunately the lady at the counter was kind enough to listen me, when I submitted the form (which was actually first set of forms, while I need to fill another set of form after that), she asked where are other 2 people. I said "At home". She informed me that I can apply for my self and my daughter and not for my wife. My wife must be present in the embassy to submit the form. It means I have to bring all them Anshu, Ashwina and Ananya and form the queue as early as 7 AM because embassy opening time is very limited. Then I have to take every one back home as Anshu alone can not do this, means half day off. Moreover I don’t have any time left to come another day as processing requires its own time and my appointment with ICA is near. So finally I decided to drop Anshu and Aashi this time and get the birth certificate of myself only. Collected my birth cert on Friday and today got all my documents completed. Now I have fill up the form again as earlier one is of no use because Anshu and kids are dropped now.

In nut shell terrible troubled week, lot of things happened and more done in very adverse conditions. I think I should go for hiring an assistance now 😛 .

Hope I will be able to get rid of all pain and troubles by coming Tuesday evening and start planning for Tioman getaway which I haven’t started yet.

Is it difficult?

Being an engineer and having 6+ years of career, few questions are always asked to me like "Is it possible?", "Is it difficult?" or "Can it be done?" etc.

What I always realized that "Nothing is difficult", it’s either we know how to solve it or we don’t.

If we know then it’s very much possible and not difficult at all, what it will requires is, time to develop or create.

If we don’t know how to do it, then it’s impossible. Though "impossible" has a short lifespan, for a particular instance we can use this term, but if we add some time in the instance then "the impossible" slowly starts to become "possible". This time added to the instance makes us think and find out various ways to solve the problem and make it possible.

Hows That? 🙂

Few bits and pieces

I was very excited to meet him, but unfortunately it was again one of his typical behaviors, when at the last moment he informed that he can not meet us due to blah…blah and blah reasons. We never met, just exchanged few mails and calls. But I can understand him as well as his family can.

I know these kinds of people very well, bossy in nature, always trying to dominate everyone around them, stubborn and thinking rest of world other than him is fool. They will never hesitant a fight or quarrel if you insist. I also know very well how to tackle them; will teach him a lesson and for sure he is going to enjoy it.

He didn’t worth his name mentioned here. So for those who know him, please remain silent and those who don’t know trust me, I know such a disgusting person like him 😀 .

So after a very bad morning, Sunil and I went to North Point to get Badminton Racquets. Rishi started playing it from past few days and called us to join him. We took this as an opportunity to lose weight, we all (Me, Rishi and Sunil) gaining weight and most of fat getting deposited in our waist area.

After 8 years, today I entered into any sports ground again (FYI: I represented my university twice in inter-university volleyball championships). I was thinking that I won’t be able to play a full single match even, but played 3, winning and losing is not important at this point of time. What we earned was good sweating, high rate of heartbeats, high breath rate and waiting for muscle fatigue to start, which may be starting from tomorrow onwards…hehe… Its will definitely improve our metabolism and help us to burn extra fat. I wish we can continue with this for long, lets see… 🙂 .

That badminton court is adjacent to the block where Rishi is staying, so went to his place after matches. Saw a coffee mug with his and Rashmi photograph printed on that. This was the photo, which I took during our visit to Chinese Garden. They like this photo so much that other than cup I saw the same picture on his laptop wallpaper also. Posting below

Rashmi is not visible in this as I have to take handle of the cup.

Anshu’s Birthday

Yup, it Friday night and I am back. I will first log about Anshu’s birthday and proceed ahead with other things later, may be tomorrow.

It was 16th of April and I was on leave, there was a very special reason for this, which was of course her birthday. Like last year, it was a special day for me, my intensions were very clear and I was well planned for the day.

She was receiving calls like any celebrity, this process started since mid night, when her fans ( 😉 ) started calling her. In the morning same story started again … calls, calls and more calls. Few, who don’t have her number, called on my hand phone to wish, I was noticing everything and feeling bit jealous as "I never got so many calls on my birthday 😦 "…

In between this, I informed her that we will go out for lunch, noticed a smile her face, and was sure that I will be able to see more smiles and shine during this entire day.

It was long since I had Dosa (Dosai) and she is a big fan of Paneer dishes. We went to Serangoon area and had some good lunch, we decided to go far Kadhai Paneer, 3 different types of Naan and Rice, with juices and milk shakes. While returning back it was time to surprise her, I said "let’s see some gold items", I am well aware the she like gold a lot. Shop was already decided in my mind, but I didn’t reflected this to her. It was just like a casual call. We went inside and stared looking around. I was watching her closely, her reactions after observing each items, this it to decide what item to go for, at the end I found she got crush on a pair of bangles. I told salesperson to pack it for her. Anshu looked at me from corner of her eyes keeping a smile and shine on her face. This was the surprise part of the day. Price is not important, important was her joy and happiness, it was her day after all.

We returned back home at around 7:30, it was late to start for dinner at home, neither I wanted her to cook, in fact what I was planned to prepare some special dinner for her. But as it was late and moreover we were tired, so decided to go out again for dinner.

Sunil retuned from office at 8 and we started for dinner at 9, called Rishi while coming out, they both (Rishi and Rashmi) were at home and happily joined us for the dinner. Dinner; which we had at Mc-D.

I was bit unfortunate in my case, which is my birthday. From past 3 years we never celebrated my birthday together, she was in India and I was here. Hopefully we will do it together in coming years.


Yah, I am literally blank these days, not at all thinking any thing special or trying to do something special as I already have few very special people with me. See it to believe it…

Spending my most of time home, collecting document for PR form, while checking forms again, realized that I need few more details, may be have to just a make call home, I still have time to submit the form.

Other than routined negative vibes, last week went quite smooth. Got news from brother (BK) that kids getting sick due to climate change. After winters now mercury is rising day by day. I wish they come up strongly and get well soon to join their schools.

Still waiting a call from Pam to collect chopped passport for Malaysia visa, will check with her on Monday, hopefully that will be ready by then.

Anshus’ birthday is near, it’s in mid of next week, and I have some surprises planned for her. I will share with you all that, how she reacted on the surprise. But promise me it will be a secret between you and me … OK? 😛

Am I missing anything, guess not. So that’s it for this week, more update later.

Till then take care 🙂

Sun rays

beautiful sun rays while waiting for bus in evening. Thought to post it
for you people 🙂 . Learned a lot about photography in past few weeks.

starts with learning basic functionality of camera, then exploiting its
features, composition and finally philosophy, its a combination of
science, technology and philosophy all together. It also requires some
good skill in photo editing software 😀 . Forget about philosophy, I am
far behind in all these skills and understandings 😛 .

This was taken from N95, as i wasn’t having my DSLR with me.

Tioman Plan

How to start this? Hmmm… well, it was 30 th March and just before lunch I have got a mail from Rishi about his plan to visit Tioman (a beautiful island of Malaysia) on 1,2 and 3 rd of May. There are 3 continues off due to "Labor Day" followed by Saturday and Sunday. The bug of tourism which was sleeping inside me awakes again and I immediately decided to go for it (most of times I use to take my decisions on toes 😀 ). Sunil was also in CC list, so I forwarded the mail to 4 other couples whom I thought that they can join us. I still remember the same thing I did before going to Bintan last year.

These are those people with whom I spent some very good time and just within last couple of years. Like they did last time, "NOT A SINGLE PERSON REPLIED MY E-MAIL THIS TIME ALSO". They all forgot me, just after separating with me and now we are not even friends. Even though every one of us is living within a radius of 15 KM, but it’s me who has to call them and mail them asking about their well-being. We are becoming professional in personal life also, which I don’t think is healthy by any mean.

I think they were expecting an obligation will come from me, if they refuse to join. If this was the case then they must also think that, what benefit I will get out of it if they accept to join us. Am I a marketer or something? NO, then why?

I will not ask them again; as I already know few typical excuses and which I don’t want to listen anymore.

Anyways rather than dragging my entry long because of unworthy people, let’s return back to main topic. After exchanging 70+ odd mails between 5 people in 5 days and after exploring on net and friends, we have finalized resort and tour operator. I was the person leading this tour plan initiated by Rishi. Exploring various offers available with various tour operators, contacting them in-person, booking package and collecting vouchers was my job. Rest others helped me by providing information about operators, beaches and resorts. Finally I have collected vouchers this evening and everything is fixed now. As Rishi went to India for a week, so will meet them all and explain them about related details once he is back.

Need to get our Malaysian visa done also, which I already submitted with same travel agent. Pam is our travel agent who booked the tour package for us. She is quite professional and organized in her approach. I liked the way she uses to manage things.

It was a hectic, hot and humid day today (note all three ‘h’) … he… he… went out with Anshu and kids for photographs this morning, Sembawang is just second MRT stop from here but we have taken 3+ hours just to get our photographs done. Going out with family always take much more time than going alone. We need photographs for Singapore PR form as well as Malaysian visa also. It was 3PM when we returned back, I was already given time of 4PM to Pam to collect travel vouchers and apply for visa, she already told me that she has to close her office by 5 today. I immediately started for her after dropping Anshu and kids back home. I always love be punctual and hate someone waits for me. Thanks God! I was on time. She briefly explained about tour and took my help to fill-up forms for visa. I will see her again to collect chopped passport after 4-5 days.

There was very little rain today and full sun shine after it, which makes the day bit humid. Somehow I manage to finish all work planned for today.