This was my second and Anshu’s first outing to Sentosa. First time when I was there was year 2006. I was thinking and planning to take her there, but was avoiding because I was aware this is going to be troublesome. Rishi, Rashmi and Sunil stood behind me and so I was able to do it. 🙂

This entry is going to very useful for those who want to go there first time and with young kids. My recommendations for those going with family are –

  • Take MRT to Harborfront MRT Station.
  • Go to top level (Level 5).
  • Take a package of 4 places, this will be cheaper than individual tickets of each place and inclusive of admission fees, it will be very difficult to visit more than 4 places with family in a day, even if you start early. What I opted was Marlion, Sky tower, Luge & Skyride, Fort Siloso and 4D Magix. You can pay S$ 5 extra for any extra attraction, this is what I did, unfortunately was unable to make Fort Siloso at the end. I guess underwater world was not in the option. (So for my next visit I would go for Fort Siloso, Underwater world and dauphine lagoon etc, meanwhile I didn’t tried cable car also as no one was really keen for that. So will try that also in my next visit to Sentosa.)
  • You can get monorail from same level, for those travelling with family monorail is the best option and economical option. I was having pram with me and it would have been difficult if go for all other available options.
  • Monorail goes to every major attraction of Santosa.

So, after some tips please return back to my experience, we alighted at monorail station near Marlion. This was the first station. Sunil went specifically for Luge and skyride while Rishi went for 4D Magix, so for Marlion and Sky tower we were alone. Anshu really enjoyed Luge and Skyride.

I and Anshu started for Marlion while rest others were waiting for us outside. After this we finished sky tower that was quite quick, view of Santosa and surroundings from sky tower was superb.

We went for Luge and skyride in two different batches. First batch was of Sunil, Rishi and Rashmi while next batch of Anshu, Aashi and me. They don’t allow infants, so rest other were taking care of Ananya, while we were enjoying ride 😛 . Here I must mention my special thanks to Rashmi, Rishi and Sunil for their support and help in taking care of my kids and carriyng then when need 🙂 .
We had pizza, just to fill our tummy and then the final attraction 4D Magix. Sunset was about to happen when we came out from the 4D show. I was aware that there is no way I can make it Fort Siloso, so we spent our time together at Siloso beach till 9 PM and started our way back to home.

While returning back we realized that no one will be able to cook after returning back, Rishi recommended a restaurant where we can "Dhaba" like food and we walked all the way from Little India MRT to Mustafa but were unable to find that, at the end we had our dinner at restaurant in front of Mustafa. Food was damm good though.

Other than non-stop crying + weeping of Aashi in MRT while returning back, everything went quite well. I was so irritated from her cry that at one point I thought to cancel any further trip until she grows up, but here I am planning again for a new trip… Cheers 😀

Dhaba = A special North Indian restaurant, which has a unique flavor and taste of various foods.