Chinese Garden

Other than Rishi and Rashmi, this time I got company of my very own "Band Party" 😀 , which includes (Anshu, Ashwina and Ananya); Sunil was not with us as he is still in India and will be returning back tomorrow. Sadly Mr. Sunil didn’t replied my SMS, which I sent the day when he was landed to Delhi, neither did he sent any offline messages of well being. Not every one use to think the way we do, but we must follow some commonly used protocol in our day to day life, like informing each other. Never mind…what else…

It’s about our brief outing to Chinese Garden; best possible way to reach there is MRT. From Khatib MRT station to Jurong interchange and then change to green line towards Joo Koon. Though you don’t need to go that far as next station it self is Chinese Garden and then 5-10 minutes of walk to the garden. MRT is quite convenient.

While sitting in MRT, I was talking with Rishi about a Bali trip, this I already did with Sunil also, Sunil point was to bring family first and then plan, which makes sense. Rishi told that nothing is certain in this time and we left our conversation in between, not sure what his intension was.

It was raining when we reached the MRT station and we were not left with any choice than simply waiting for rain to stop, luckily we have got a shop near by and bought chips, juice and sandwiches for our time-pass. Fortunately we did not have to wait too long.

Chinese Garden is a photogenic place, provided you are there on the right time. For us it was not, first it was afternoon and it was cloudy most of time. You need morning sunshine to take good pictures of this kind of places which are full of monumental structures and natural landscape.

As I don’t use to give up easily, so was taking pictures despite all odds. I still rank my self as a beginner in photography. I was literally struggling with camera settings. Unfortunately I didn’t took short range lens with me so my most of pictures distorted due to motion blur or other wrong settings 😦 .

We have explored all most every part of garden except Bonsai garden, which was closed because we reached there after closing time. Also no one was interested for tortoise museum.

We had dinner at food court present in basement of North Point Yishun.

Posting few pictures here, more in Chinese Garden Album.