Earth Hour

Before I start some briefing about this –

  • Earth hour is a global effort of WWF (World wildlife fund) to prevent Climate Change (mainly Global Warming).
  • What we need to is just switch off our lights for a hour between 8:30PM to 9:30PM local time on Saturday 28 March 2009.
  • For those who wish to know about relation between switching off lights and global warming, what I can say is that huge amount of heat is generated from various types of power stations and switching off lights, just for an hour globally will reduce this heat emission substantially.
  • Why I am doing this? Other than the fact that I always enjoyed power failure (specially during examination times šŸ˜€ ), I also love Earth and concern about environmental degradation.
  • To register and show your support, please follow advert below or you can directly go to the site and signup.

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Sign up for Earth Hour

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You have sufficient time to think and plan that what to do during that one hour. As that will be a Saturday, so most of you will be at home enjoying your weekend, you can simply switch off lights and have a candle light dinner or go for a walk. Those living in cities supporting this cause can go out to take snaps for their memories.

Those interested in preserving nature and watching various related TV channels know the fact that ice caps are melting rapidly.

Most of Indian already aware of the event happened approximately 1500 BC, when Dwarika (capital of lord Krishna) submerged into ocean. Though neither I am historian nor archeologist, but the most valid reason which seems correct to me is immense heat generated due to "War of Mahabharata" resulting in melting of polar caps.

It has been calculated that if all ice melts then sea level will rise by 60 meters, hope you can understand what damage it can cause to human life and human civilization. Rise of sea level even by 2 meters only may result into disappearing of Indonesia from world map.

Please come forward for good cause, support life on Earth, Vote for Earth…

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