IT show 2009

It was my second trip to Suntec Exhibition Center and I was bit confused for the location, was continuously looking out of window to not miss the bus stop. Though I was quite sure that most of people will be alighting from the bus at that stop and even more will be boarding on. It was about 5:30 PM when I boarded on the bus from Yishun and reached there around 7, saw a big traffic jam on the way, may be due to IT Show. It was the last day of the show.

First thing I noticed was the message displayed on the electronic board."Due to overwhelming response to the IT Show, kindly return in an hour."…

I want to see my colleagues at level 6 company booth; I have to struggle hard to reach them. As I was not in mood to buy anything so put my headphone on to avoid listing unwanted noise. (Those offers were not more than noise for me, as I was not keen to buy any thing 😉 ) . Cost cutting he-he :D…

After spending some time with colleagues, I stared to exploring other floors. Noticed that most of good offers were closed already. So a lesson for those who want a good deal next time "Reach bit early, may be around 4-5 PM rather than waiting for the last moment deal".

I was having my doubts that I will get seat if opt for bus, so preferred MRT to return back.