Weeks summery

Sunil was collecting things to pack for his 2 week trip to India. He becomes father of baby girl on Thursday evening, he was trying his level best to be there on time of birth, but things happened bit early than his plan, nature is so unpredictable, went to Changi with him on Friday.

Things did this week were –

– Went to MOM to get DP of Ananya. It was so fast; I immediately got my token number displayed on board after getting it. There were very few people, don’t know if I should take it as good or bad sign.
– Formatted laptop suspecting virus infection and now it is sucking all internet bandwidth to get updates. My XP is 3+ years old, not sure how much more time it will take for full update.
– Took a appointment to submit PR form, got for 28 April 😛 .
– Pushed bro (BK) to apply for Dads’ passport. Hope that he will get it soon.
– Requested HR to apply to upgrade EP to P2, so that can I can get Dads’ long term social visit pass and call him here for some time, I need him here with me.