Some experience

It’s not a long journey of career, don’t know how much sense it will make to anyone but still want to share this.

Normally we have 3 kinds of people around us. First who are friendly, second neutral and finally enemies of course. They can be from any part of your life like family, relatives, know people, colleagues or neighbors. Their response towards you and your career graph are 2 closely related things. Though I can not categories my self a very successful person, but still walked a very long distance in relatively short time. The path started from nothing to something (not everything).

What I experienced during this journey that I earned more know people and relatives, at the same time earned more enemies also. Though I was always the same during this time, but still now have more enemies… not sure why? Trust me "Am I the same as I was 6 years back?" is the first question I use to ask to myself every morning.

Earning friends or known people (who remain neutral) are good but, I was not ready to tackle grown number of opponents, especially in close known once. This makes me more sad than angry, I am in trouble.

Those who spent worst time together, with whom I thought "we have a bond of life" are now not ready to face me, forget about seeing through eyes.

I never created hype of anything. This is because of those so called ‘earned friends’ (are they really friends?). Thankfully because of them, I am now known as rude, egoist and self centered person.

Not sure will the graph remain same, go up or down, but if it will go down then it’s going to worst than time when I started. I will have to face a new group of people who will laugh at me. How to handle them… No clues…!!! 😦