This was my second and Anshu’s first outing to Sentosa. First time when I was there was year 2006. I was thinking and planning to take her there, but was avoiding because I was aware this is going to be troublesome. Rishi, Rashmi and Sunil stood behind me and so I was able to do it. 🙂

This entry is going to very useful for those who want to go there first time and with young kids. My recommendations for those going with family are –

  • Take MRT to Harborfront MRT Station.
  • Go to top level (Level 5).
  • Take a package of 4 places, this will be cheaper than individual tickets of each place and inclusive of admission fees, it will be very difficult to visit more than 4 places with family in a day, even if you start early. What I opted was Marlion, Sky tower, Luge & Skyride, Fort Siloso and 4D Magix. You can pay S$ 5 extra for any extra attraction, this is what I did, unfortunately was unable to make Fort Siloso at the end. I guess underwater world was not in the option. (So for my next visit I would go for Fort Siloso, Underwater world and dauphine lagoon etc, meanwhile I didn’t tried cable car also as no one was really keen for that. So will try that also in my next visit to Sentosa.)
  • You can get monorail from same level, for those travelling with family monorail is the best option and economical option. I was having pram with me and it would have been difficult if go for all other available options.
  • Monorail goes to every major attraction of Santosa.

So, after some tips please return back to my experience, we alighted at monorail station near Marlion. This was the first station. Sunil went specifically for Luge and skyride while Rishi went for 4D Magix, so for Marlion and Sky tower we were alone. Anshu really enjoyed Luge and Skyride.

I and Anshu started for Marlion while rest others were waiting for us outside. After this we finished sky tower that was quite quick, view of Santosa and surroundings from sky tower was superb.

We went for Luge and skyride in two different batches. First batch was of Sunil, Rishi and Rashmi while next batch of Anshu, Aashi and me. They don’t allow infants, so rest other were taking care of Ananya, while we were enjoying ride 😛 . Here I must mention my special thanks to Rashmi, Rishi and Sunil for their support and help in taking care of my kids and carriyng then when need 🙂 .
We had pizza, just to fill our tummy and then the final attraction 4D Magix. Sunset was about to happen when we came out from the 4D show. I was aware that there is no way I can make it Fort Siloso, so we spent our time together at Siloso beach till 9 PM and started our way back to home.

While returning back we realized that no one will be able to cook after returning back, Rishi recommended a restaurant where we can "Dhaba" like food and we walked all the way from Little India MRT to Mustafa but were unable to find that, at the end we had our dinner at restaurant in front of Mustafa. Food was damm good though.

Other than non-stop crying + weeping of Aashi in MRT while returning back, everything went quite well. I was so irritated from her cry that at one point I thought to cancel any further trip until she grows up, but here I am planning again for a new trip… Cheers 😀

Dhaba = A special North Indian restaurant, which has a unique flavor and taste of various foods.


Camera – Canon EOS 1000D

Focal Lenght – 49mm

F-Number – F/5.6

Exposure Time – 1/4 sec

ISO Speed – ISO-1600

Flash – Off

Camera – Canon EOS 1000D

Focal Lenght – 42mm

F-Number – F/5

Exposure Time – 1/10 sec

ISO Speed – ISO-1600

Flash – Off

Just to add,it was night when i took those and there was only one white light source at the ceiling. It was challenging to take picture of moving baby in low light, with high exposure time and without motion blur.


Its 1 AM and Monday is already started. Do I need to write anything or I can simply to go to bed as I have to wake up at 5:30 to start for work.

Just finished watching Matrix Revolution, well what to say, every one has his/her own way of reading, interpreting and presenting things, so no comments, but it was great movie and I enjoyed it… all 3 parts.

Read on a popular portal about untimely and painful death of Jade Goody, this takes my mind back to the year 1996, though I was not as young as her sons are, but I can understand emptiness they will have for rest of their lives. I wish they will come out of it, grow up and achieve something, so that their mother can proud of them.

It is always painful to refresh those memories. I was aware that mother will die and no medicines can save her and same does everyone in my family. But we were still trying our level best… allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic medicines… temples, churches and mosques, but nothing works.

When a person dies like this, a lot dies with him or her…. emotions, trust, faith, belief and love of course. How will we love anyone when we don’t know how long this is going to last and that could end in such a painful way?

The most loved person dying on bed makes everyone die every day, every moment. You can not run out of it, you can hide your self; you have to face it and remain alive. No one else in this world can understand this than those who faced this or facing this.

Parents for me are like trees, their shadow become more peaceful and comfortable with time. If you blessed with both of them, worth them and thank to God. Though you can never payback what they have did for you. But if you can bring a smile on their faces, you don’t need to do anything else for them. Likewise a drop of tears because of you is curse for you…

Thought to share with you, what I was thinking after reading about Jade Goody. Hope you will understand… May God give her peace in haven!

Chinese Garden

Other than Rishi and Rashmi, this time I got company of my very own "Band Party" 😀 , which includes (Anshu, Ashwina and Ananya); Sunil was not with us as he is still in India and will be returning back tomorrow. Sadly Mr. Sunil didn’t replied my SMS, which I sent the day when he was landed to Delhi, neither did he sent any offline messages of well being. Not every one use to think the way we do, but we must follow some commonly used protocol in our day to day life, like informing each other. Never mind…what else…

It’s about our brief outing to Chinese Garden; best possible way to reach there is MRT. From Khatib MRT station to Jurong interchange and then change to green line towards Joo Koon. Though you don’t need to go that far as next station it self is Chinese Garden and then 5-10 minutes of walk to the garden. MRT is quite convenient.

While sitting in MRT, I was talking with Rishi about a Bali trip, this I already did with Sunil also, Sunil point was to bring family first and then plan, which makes sense. Rishi told that nothing is certain in this time and we left our conversation in between, not sure what his intension was.

It was raining when we reached the MRT station and we were not left with any choice than simply waiting for rain to stop, luckily we have got a shop near by and bought chips, juice and sandwiches for our time-pass. Fortunately we did not have to wait too long.

Chinese Garden is a photogenic place, provided you are there on the right time. For us it was not, first it was afternoon and it was cloudy most of time. You need morning sunshine to take good pictures of this kind of places which are full of monumental structures and natural landscape.

As I don’t use to give up easily, so was taking pictures despite all odds. I still rank my self as a beginner in photography. I was literally struggling with camera settings. Unfortunately I didn’t took short range lens with me so my most of pictures distorted due to motion blur or other wrong settings 😦 .

We have explored all most every part of garden except Bonsai garden, which was closed because we reached there after closing time. Also no one was interested for tortoise museum.

We had dinner at food court present in basement of North Point Yishun.

Posting few pictures here, more in Chinese Garden Album.

Earth Hour

Before I start some briefing about this –

  • Earth hour is a global effort of WWF (World wildlife fund) to prevent Climate Change (mainly Global Warming).
  • What we need to is just switch off our lights for a hour between 8:30PM to 9:30PM local time on Saturday 28 March 2009.
  • For those who wish to know about relation between switching off lights and global warming, what I can say is that huge amount of heat is generated from various types of power stations and switching off lights, just for an hour globally will reduce this heat emission substantially.
  • Why I am doing this? Other than the fact that I always enjoyed power failure (specially during examination times 😀 ), I also love Earth and concern about environmental degradation.
  • To register and show your support, please follow advert below or you can directly go to the site and signup.

/* */

Sign up for Earth Hour

/* */
You have sufficient time to think and plan that what to do during that one hour. As that will be a Saturday, so most of you will be at home enjoying your weekend, you can simply switch off lights and have a candle light dinner or go for a walk. Those living in cities supporting this cause can go out to take snaps for their memories.

Those interested in preserving nature and watching various related TV channels know the fact that ice caps are melting rapidly.

Most of Indian already aware of the event happened approximately 1500 BC, when Dwarika (capital of lord Krishna) submerged into ocean. Though neither I am historian nor archeologist, but the most valid reason which seems correct to me is immense heat generated due to "War of Mahabharata" resulting in melting of polar caps.

It has been calculated that if all ice melts then sea level will rise by 60 meters, hope you can understand what damage it can cause to human life and human civilization. Rise of sea level even by 2 meters only may result into disappearing of Indonesia from world map.

Please come forward for good cause, support life on Earth, Vote for Earth…

Related sites:

Wiki page:

Dry and Burning eyes

Left office in half day; was unable to focus on computer screen. Though my eyes were ok in the morning, but slowing becoming dry and started giving burning sensation, went to washroom to see if I can diagnose some thing, saw few red patches here and there, may be due to rubbing. Not sure what was the problem, decided to take a half day leave and returned back to home. After taking a couple of hours sleep, now it’s ok … it seems I need to sleep more. Will go to doctor next time, if it persists or returns back…

IT show 2009

It was my second trip to Suntec Exhibition Center and I was bit confused for the location, was continuously looking out of window to not miss the bus stop. Though I was quite sure that most of people will be alighting from the bus at that stop and even more will be boarding on. It was about 5:30 PM when I boarded on the bus from Yishun and reached there around 7, saw a big traffic jam on the way, may be due to IT Show. It was the last day of the show.

First thing I noticed was the message displayed on the electronic board."Due to overwhelming response to the IT Show, kindly return in an hour."…

I want to see my colleagues at level 6 company booth; I have to struggle hard to reach them. As I was not in mood to buy anything so put my headphone on to avoid listing unwanted noise. (Those offers were not more than noise for me, as I was not keen to buy any thing 😉 ) . Cost cutting he-he :D…

After spending some time with colleagues, I stared to exploring other floors. Noticed that most of good offers were closed already. So a lesson for those who want a good deal next time "Reach bit early, may be around 4-5 PM rather than waiting for the last moment deal".

I was having my doubts that I will get seat if opt for bus, so preferred MRT to return back.

Happy Holi

Life on earth is from last 3.7 billion years,
Human civilization is 200,000 old,
But an average human life is only 80 years…
Don’t you think that our life is too short to live and appreciate?
Let’s enjoy life,
Let’s share joy and happiness.
Wishing you a colorful and joyful Holi!!!

Weeks summery

Sunil was collecting things to pack for his 2 week trip to India. He becomes father of baby girl on Thursday evening, he was trying his level best to be there on time of birth, but things happened bit early than his plan, nature is so unpredictable, went to Changi with him on Friday.

Things did this week were –

– Went to MOM to get DP of Ananya. It was so fast; I immediately got my token number displayed on board after getting it. There were very few people, don’t know if I should take it as good or bad sign.
– Formatted laptop suspecting virus infection and now it is sucking all internet bandwidth to get updates. My XP is 3+ years old, not sure how much more time it will take for full update.
– Took a appointment to submit PR form, got for 28 April 😛 .
– Pushed bro (BK) to apply for Dads’ passport. Hope that he will get it soon.
– Requested HR to apply to upgrade EP to P2, so that can I can get Dads’ long term social visit pass and call him here for some time, I need him here with me.

Some experience

It’s not a long journey of career, don’t know how much sense it will make to anyone but still want to share this.

Normally we have 3 kinds of people around us. First who are friendly, second neutral and finally enemies of course. They can be from any part of your life like family, relatives, know people, colleagues or neighbors. Their response towards you and your career graph are 2 closely related things. Though I can not categories my self a very successful person, but still walked a very long distance in relatively short time. The path started from nothing to something (not everything).

What I experienced during this journey that I earned more know people and relatives, at the same time earned more enemies also. Though I was always the same during this time, but still now have more enemies… not sure why? Trust me "Am I the same as I was 6 years back?" is the first question I use to ask to myself every morning.

Earning friends or known people (who remain neutral) are good but, I was not ready to tackle grown number of opponents, especially in close known once. This makes me more sad than angry, I am in trouble.

Those who spent worst time together, with whom I thought "we have a bond of life" are now not ready to face me, forget about seeing through eyes.

I never created hype of anything. This is because of those so called ‘earned friends’ (are they really friends?). Thankfully because of them, I am now known as rude, egoist and self centered person.

Not sure will the graph remain same, go up or down, but if it will go down then it’s going to worst than time when I started. I will have to face a new group of people who will laugh at me. How to handle them… No clues…!!! 😦