India Trip 21 Feb




We were in Delhi
and most of my classmates of MCA were there, I already requested them about a
get together and selected Rajkumar house. Rajkumar house is in Noida and it is
near to workplace of most of my friends.

I picked Anurag and Shubhee on the way to Nodia. Others were
going to reach his place directly.

I met Ashish after a gap of 3.5 years; he is as fat as he was
during college days.

Ragini gained a lot weight after marriage, last time I saw
here at Delhi Airport 3 years back, when I was coming to Singapore first
time. She was just married at that time. Now she got a baby girl. Still she is
as charming and cheerful as always.

Rajkumar hosted all of us very well and was looking good
after getting his hair back (it’s a secret that how he got his hair back and
every one knows a different story, so its better to keep quite 😀 ).

We were a group of 9 people, 4 boys and 5 girls. Other than
Shubhee and Ragini rest 3 girls are not in Delhi, so we just talked about them and
recalled our old memories with them. It was a memorable day.