India Trip 19 and 20 Feb

Uncle and few other relatives were returning back on 19 th morning and my elder brother, cousin and another brother in evening. I haven’t done much effort for them, but just dropped evening batch to railway station. I was feeling lonely as there was a big silence at home. Youngest uncle and my grandma was still there, they have to attend few marriages in distant relations. Our family has a relation or a family friend in almost every street of Allahabad LOL.

I was aware that I will be next to leave the home.

20 th Feb was dedicated to packing, was collecting my things scattered in every room of house. I was shuffling my thing here and there and jumping from one room to another to do some urgent work coming from office. Having wired internet connection at home makes it more difficult, when I have rearrange wire to get connectivity. While packing my DigiSLR I got her, she was sitting on the dining chair. Her green eyes forced me to capture her. 🙂  

We finally boarded on train at 9:30 PM, with a lot of baggage. It was going to be 2 day and 2 night of fight to return back to Singapore. One night in train to Delhi, a day and night in Delhi and another day in flight. I was aware that this will be tiring.