India Trip 18 Feb

Another busy day and the day of engagement; my day starts with picking up a gang including Gudiya coming from Delhi via train. There were more than 6 people, so I took a car and another SUV to railway station. Many of them who arrived were never been in Allahabad before, so they were keen to see Sangam. We started for Sangam immediately after breakfast. They decided to do boating, which unfortunately I could not make it as I put keys of car in pocket of jacket and then placed the jacket in side car and locked the car from outside. It’s possible to lock a car without keys, which requires a key to open. I called dad to bring another set of keys to open the door. So I was waiting for dad to come at river side while others enjoying their boating 😦 .

We returned back around 12 and it was a lunch time. They all were tired especially those who just arrived from Delhi. They have to return same day also, as most of them have to join offices from next day. I left them on their will to rest and get refreshed, as in evening there was big event at hotel Saket.

Event went well and everyone who was returning back to Delhi manages to get their train successfully. Yah… it was quite close call for some of them whom boarded on train at the last moment.

Another night when I slept while talking…

‘The Event’, this was planned for 18 because of  my presence 🙂 .