India Trip Day – 5

Day – 4 was totally non-productive. Me and my best pal Sharad have planned to take pictures at Sangam, everything was ok, but when I drive 10 KM to reach Sangam, found that I left memory card of my camera in my laptop 😦 . I used that card to download pictures of day 3. So we returned back from there empty handed. Sunrise at Sungam on day 4 was superb to shoot though.

I heard thunders and noise of drizzling last night, so was not excited about photography of Sangam. On the way to pick Sharad it was still drizzling and saw cloud in sky. Being stubborn I decided to take chance, thanks to Sharad who didn’t oppose this trip due to bad weather. Thanks to God, when we reached Yamuna bank, there was no rain at all. I saw first glimpse of Sun coming out from the cloud. It was looking great.

Sunrise at Sungam

Sharad is Doctor and running his own clinic, I was not at all in mood to hamper his routine, so quickly windup our things from there and then dropped him back to his apartment. He use to take rest between 2 and 6 and then again from 6 he use to attend his clinic till late night. I have to visit my dad in his farm house and he is only one here who can give me company. Without any hesitation he has given me his time of rest. So I picked him again at 2:30 for farm house.

Most of crop fields are covered with yellow flower of mustered (Brassica) and few others having wheat.

I have spent most of my time with dad and took some great pictures of surroundings. Winters are almost ending here and maximum temperature is now reaching 24-26 degrees.

This is a picture of sunset over farms roof. 🙂 more on Allahabad album.

Sunset at Farm

To be continued…