India Trip Day – 3

Day started at 6 AM, when I went to Plans of Ganga. These days crop of mustered is flowering. It was a great site of fog on mustered fields.

TV Tower

We have a very old church in my nearby area, I have played various cricket matches on this churchs’ ground, losses most than winnning 😀 . This church is known as St. Peter’s Church, it was completed in 1874.

My friend since 1992 Dr. Sharad visited my home, when he came to know that I am here. He is the lone friend of mine still in home town, rest left for various other locations within and outside India. We decided to chill out at Sangam (merger of holy Rivers Ganga and Yamuna) tomorrow morning, somewhere between 7-9.

Despite upset stomach, I enjoyed some typical extremely spicy stuff in the evening, which I didn’t taste from last one year.

Tonight is the night of full moon and here is the proof. 🙂

To be continued…