India Trip Day – 2

[Posted on 9 February 2009 for 8 February]

Second brother was there at Allahabad Junction to pick me. After dropping him at home, I drive straightaway to my in-laws place to see kids. Aashi is not well these days, tests are going on and nothing came out so far. I have spent most of my time to hospitals in my last few visits either due to my or kids health. Not sure about this time, though sound of things happening is same terrible as always.

It was now a time face questions and suggestions from dad and brother, questions like "Would you like to eat this or that?", "Do you want take rest or will go out to meet friends?" etc.

I was tired and wanted to take good sleep, so chosen a silent room and went to bed after lunch. Woke up in evening.

It’s a night before full moon; moon was still looking beautiful, will post full moon tomorrow 🙂
To be continued…