India Trip Day – 1

[Posted on 8 February 2009 for 7 February]

Vande Mataram…

So, the story continues after Changi airport. It was a smooth flight as weather was good, both at Singapore and New Delhi and it was a night journey also, so started sleeping immediately having dinner. The flight landed at Delhi 2:30 AM local time (its 5:00 AM Singapore time). First elder brother was there at IGI to pick me. As it was still mid night, so decided to sleep for couple of hours more rather than disturbing my niece, nephew and other.

I was half awaked when I sensed first kiss of my niece Aayshi. She was going to school in the morning at 6.

Most of my friends were on their offices, so rather than moving around meeting them, I stayed at home and called them. Met only few people who were free.

It was going to be a night journey again from New Delhi to my Hometown Allahabad by train (Prayag Raj Express). It was tougher than I expected. The berth which was allocated to me was fully occupied by a Sikh family returning back from Delhi after a marriage and there was no room to place my baggage. They offered me to exchange seats and I wasn’t having any options left. We got a side upper and a lower berth in exchange of 2 lower berths 😀 . Sleeping in side berths is quite difficult (‘SUCKS’ to be correct) as it is shorter in length and we have to sleep entire night with bend legs. Anyways, I settled my things and was about to sleep when I saw a non-Indian looking couple sitting out side of compartment. After a little chit-chat, figured out that they are Korean and they missed their flight, so took train, their name are Mr. and Mrs. Kim Soo Yeon. I decided to give them my side upper berth, so that at least one of them can sleep. Mrs. Yeon went to sleep. While talking with Mr. Yeon, I came to know he is a Pastor and he was on a trip to Allahabad for some leprosy mission.

I was wondering here and there and took few naps on same berth of Awakash (my youngest bro-in-law).
to be continued …