At Changi Airport

Yes … finally made it, except few minor misses, I manage to pack all items of list. From cloths to camera and chocolates to toothbrush every thing. Was collecting things this entire week and that is why I was unable to log anything on last Sunday. Anyways, now feeling bit relaxed as baggage check-in done and waiting to board on flight to New Delhi. I still have one hour left to board; this is a real luxury for me after long. LOL….

Terminal 3 is newly built and quite beautiful, this is the first time I am boarding from here. I can see groups of kids every where, I guess they are on some college tour.

Thanks to free wireless program of IDA known as wireless@sg, which I am using to blog this time.

Will post few pictures but later, as my laptop battery is low… I replaced the battery today it self and didn’t get enough time to charge it fully…

Will keep on posting from India (hopefully daily…); these are going to be happening days. A lot of hugs and kisses are waiting for me there 😉

So bye and take care…