India Trip 22 Feb

It was last day in India. Boarding on plan and reaching to Singapore was quite comfortable. Kids didnÒ€ℒt create any trouble through out the flight; Aashi was playing and sleeping, while Ananya has nothing to do than her feeding bottle. I was bit worried about kids crying due to pressure change. I saw many times kids use to cry all the time due to this, I was lucky this time.

Started feeling tired due to harsh last 2 days in India, when I played role of coolie, driver etc.

India Trip 21 Feb




We were in Delhi
and most of my classmates of MCA were there, I already requested them about a
get together and selected Rajkumar house. Rajkumar house is in Noida and it is
near to workplace of most of my friends.

I picked Anurag and Shubhee on the way to Nodia. Others were
going to reach his place directly.

I met Ashish after a gap of 3.5 years; he is as fat as he was
during college days.

Ragini gained a lot weight after marriage, last time I saw
here at Delhi Airport 3 years back, when I was coming to Singapore first
time. She was just married at that time. Now she got a baby girl. Still she is
as charming and cheerful as always.

Rajkumar hosted all of us very well and was looking good
after getting his hair back (itÒ€ℒs a secret that how he got his hair back and
every one knows a different story, so its better to keep quite πŸ˜€ ).

We were a group of 9 people, 4 boys and 5 girls. Other than
Shubhee and Ragini rest 3 girls are not in Delhi, so we just talked about them and
recalled our old memories with them. It was a memorable day.

India Trip 19 and 20 Feb

Uncle and few other relatives were returning back on 19 th morning and my elder brother, cousin and another brother in evening. I haven’t done much effort for them, but just dropped evening batch to railway station. I was feeling lonely as there was a big silence at home. Youngest uncle and my grandma was still there, they have to attend few marriages in distant relations. Our family has a relation or a family friend in almost every street of Allahabad LOL.

I was aware that I will be next to leave the home.

20 th Feb was dedicated to packing, was collecting my things scattered in every room of house. I was shuffling my thing here and there and jumping from one room to another to do some urgent work coming from office. Having wired internet connection at home makes it more difficult, when I have rearrange wire to get connectivity. While packing my DigiSLR I got her, she was sitting on the dining chair. Her green eyes forced me to capture her. πŸ™‚  

We finally boarded on train at 9:30 PM, with a lot of baggage. It was going to be 2 day and 2 night of fight to return back to Singapore. One night in train to Delhi, a day and night in Delhi and another day in flight. I was aware that this will be tiring.

India Trip 18 Feb

Another busy day and the day of engagement; my day starts with picking up a gang including Gudiya coming from Delhi via train. There were more than 6 people, so I took a car and another SUV to railway station. Many of them who arrived were never been in Allahabad before, so they were keen to see Sangam. We started for Sangam immediately after breakfast. They decided to do boating, which unfortunately I could not make it as I put keys of car in pocket of jacket and then placed the jacket in side car and locked the car from outside. It’s possible to lock a car without keys, which requires a key to open. I called dad to bring another set of keys to open the door. So I was waiting for dad to come at river side while others enjoying their boating 😦 .

We returned back around 12 and it was a lunch time. They all were tired especially those who just arrived from Delhi. They have to return same day also, as most of them have to join offices from next day. I left them on their will to rest and get refreshed, as in evening there was big event at hotel Saket.

Event went well and everyone who was returning back to Delhi manages to get their train successfully. Yah… it was quite close call for some of them whom boarded on train at the last moment.

Another night when I slept while talking…

‘The Event’, this was planned for 18 because of  my presence πŸ™‚ .

India Trip 17 Feb

This was the day when my 2 uncles, aunty, grandma, brother and few other relatives (all from mother’s side) were coming for the engagement to Allahabad. I was the only free person at home to take care of arrangements, so was cleaning rooms, arranging beds and helping my brothers’ wife in cooking dinner for them. It was overall a very good experience to do some off routine things. I enjoyed. My grandma was especially very happy as this is her hometown also. I have given up my room to ladies group and got a bed with men gang. I slept while talking due to tiredness.

My Grandma (nani)

My Grandma

India Trip 15-16 Feb

These days were dedicated to eating junk food and eating medicines due to upset stomach πŸ˜€ . Those junk foods (Chaat, Samosa and Jalebi) were once part of my daily diet, but after one year and a gall bladder operation my stomach is now no longer remains efficient to digest those. Somehow I manage to settle stomach as 17, 18 and 19 were going to be days of few very important guests and one main event on 18, that is engagement (Betrothal) of my cousin (mom’s second brother son) with my sister in law. πŸ™‚


A typical Chaat shop, what the boy is eating is Gol-gappey

India Trip Day – 5

Day – 4 was totally non-productive. Me and my best pal Sharad have planned to take pictures at Sangam, everything was ok, but when I drive 10 KM to reach Sangam, found that I left memory card of my camera in my laptop 😦 . I used that card to download pictures of day 3. So we returned back from there empty handed. Sunrise at Sungam on day 4 was superb to shoot though.

I heard thunders and noise of drizzling last night, so was not excited about photography of Sangam. On the way to pick Sharad it was still drizzling and saw cloud in sky. Being stubborn I decided to take chance, thanks to Sharad who didn’t oppose this trip due to bad weather. Thanks to God, when we reached Yamuna bank, there was no rain at all. I saw first glimpse of Sun coming out from the cloud. It was looking great.

Sunrise at Sungam

Sharad is Doctor and running his own clinic, I was not at all in mood to hamper his routine, so quickly windup our things from there and then dropped him back to his apartment. He use to take rest between 2 and 6 and then again from 6 he use to attend his clinic till late night. I have to visit my dad in his farm house and he is only one here who can give me company. Without any hesitation he has given me his time of rest. So I picked him again at 2:30 for farm house.

Most of crop fields are covered with yellow flower of mustered (Brassica) and few others having wheat.

I have spent most of my time with dad and took some great pictures of surroundings. Winters are almost ending here and maximum temperature is now reaching 24-26 degrees.

This is a picture of sunset over farms roof. πŸ™‚ more on Allahabad album.

Sunset at Farm

To be continued…