These days, I am noticing dried grass rather than green, noticing closed shutters of shops rather opened shop, noticing felled bicycles rather than those standing… you can blame me for being pessimistic, but "I am depressed".

Reasons –

One of my cousins working for very big MNC in Delhi asked me for a list of consultants who can arrange interview; I asked, "What happened? All well?" he replied, "There is no project in queue, current project will be finished next month and not sure what will happen after this, there is a panic in team".

An old friend of mine was working as a marketing manager for another big MNC got pink slip 2 months back, he was bit lucky and got another job, disaster happens when the company closed its process in India. Now he is sitting at home. Identical event happened with another friend of mine, who is a software engineer.

If I mention about cases of salary cut, low profit in business, I can write even more.

Those were few incidences happened in India, now few from Singapore.

I was getting late to work on Wednesday, decided to take a cab on half way to office, the person driving the cab was 54 year old and bit talkative. After some formal talks, he told me that, he was working for plastic molding company but the company moved from here and now he is driving cab from last 2 weeks for his bread. He also mentioned that, he is not sure if any one will be interested in giving a job to a 54 year old person. After noticing my facial expressions in back-view mirror he said, "Don’t worry young man! Things will be fine", further he asked "Do you pray?" I replied "Some times", he suggested me to do it to get rid of my grief. I use to pray, but never for something which depends more on my hard-work and commitment than His blessings.

"Hard-work" and "Commitment" does it really matters now or it’s just a sheer fate? Do I really need to beg for His mercy? Though there is nothing wrong doing prayer, but for me it will be morally wrong, if ask for some thing which I can get by my own, this is some thing which is never taught to me.

Another incidence, it was a last turn before my block and I was returning back from work yesterday, when a young man of my age coming towards me stopped me. "Hello brother, sorry to stop you", he started "Do you have 1 or 2 dollars, my ezlink card has no money left in it and I also don’t have any thing in my pocket right now, I need something to buy MRT ticket". I was shattered and freezed, I don’t know if this was just a small unfortunate incidence with him or he lost his job already. "Where you have to go?", "Toa Payoh!"… I check my pocket; there were only 65 cents left in my pocket as I did some purchase on the way. "Never mind… its ok… sorry haan!" and turned back without taking those. I was totally lost and was unable to speak or stop him to know more about him. I was just looking at him walking away from me.

I read that "7000 Singaporeans lost their jobs in last quarter" and also finance minister mentioned "Worst is still to come"…

"What will happen?" and "with whom?" are two questions circling in my mind these days.

I will pray… pray for those who lost to get strength and to fight back, pray for those who have a job so that they can continue…

May God bless us all!