End of nightmares

It was a terribly busy week; terrible because I was getting nightmares, trust me it’s true. As its related to work, so will not mention more about it, will just add that, things gets settled smoothly at then end and now I am ‘resting in peace’… ha ha…

Sometimes we need more courage than skill, especially when we are sure, but never did same job before…

These days are quite tough and life is mechanical, I need a break, as you know I will be back in my home town next month, so counting my days left to board on plane to Delhi.

I have to learn every function and all possible combination of my new camera to take best possible picture.

Magh Mela* will be almost ending at the time when I reach there… I have to take pictures of that place… Maagh Mela and Sangam** has special place in my life. After leaving home in 2002, I visited Sangam every time without any exception, whenever I was there in Allahabad… I have to make my self skilled enough in photography to show you what I want to …

I am going through various online forums, manuals and other documents to find answers of my questions… I hope I will be able to make it… currently I am solving mystery of difference between ISO and Exposure Compensation 😀 , they both are quite similar, isn’t it???

Please allow me a signoff, I have to return back to camera now 🙂

*Magh Mela or Magh Fair, its starts on 14 of January every year and runs for a month.
**Sangam means ‘merger point’. In Allahabad it’s of 2 holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It is told that there was a third river Saraswati which is disappeared now.